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20 Phish Burners for Your 4/20 Celebration: 10-6

by @scottmik104

10.) David Bowie.

This multi-parted composition is not to be fucked with when done right. Stay away from later versions for sure. There isn’t much to anticipate lyrically, but musically, this is a masterclass.

Recommended listening: 8/13/93, 8/17/93, 11/26/94, 12/29/94, 7/30/97.

Recommended companion: Hybrid


9.) The Curtain (With)

There’s only one way to play this song, and it’s with. Without versions fall short of being here. The (with) version disappeared for quite some time (1178 shows!) before finally returning at Deer Creek 2000. Take a ride on the musical exploration train and try to keep your face from melting clean off.

Recommended listening: 7/23/88, 7/12/00, 6/17/04, 10/26/10, and 6/28/12.

Recommended companion: Sativa


8.) Slave To The Traffic Light

“See the city, see the zoo, traffic light won’t let me through”. Have you ever commuted for a living? If not, this song may not hit as hard. Then again, you’ve all been on tour. Slave delivers. Every. Damn. Time. Peak, re-peak, all of it.

Recommended listening: 11/26/94, 12/7/95, 8/17/96, 12/5/97, and 12/31/99.

Recommended companion: Hybrid


7.) Reba

“Reba babble to the nag with the lipstick perfume mutter to a farmer in a truck. Take a peek at the cheetah, Reba cheetah on the prowl in a cage sink a Boulder in the water. Tie a cable to a tree. Mutter nature to the nag with the lipstick perfume Reba flush a flesh farm leftover thunder in a circle, down the pipes!” Kudos to you if you’re blazing and nail these lyrics 100% of the time. Oh, the jam? You’ll just have to listen ….

Recommended listening: 8/12/93, 8/16/93, 8/17/96, 8/9/97, and 8/2/03.

Recommended companion: Indica


6.) Harry Hood

There may not be a more euphoric moment for this band than the “Hood peak”. If you’re drawn more to the lyrical content of this band, maybe this isn’t your tune. If you’ve ever been offended because you were hit by a glowstick in the middle of one of these mind-shifting jams, well….fuck off. You don’t get “it”

Recommended listening: 12/31/93, 10/23/94, 11/12/94,11/30/95, and 8/17/97.

Recommended companion: Indica

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