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9 Covers Phish Should Bring Back for a 2nd Time

By: @scottmik104

9) The Wind Cries Mary - Jimi Hendrix

It should come as no secret that Trey is a huge Hendrix fan. Phish has covered many great tunes from the Hendrix catalog. Oddly enough, it wouldn’t be until the Bakers Dozen for this particular gem to make its one and only appearance. On 7/30/17 Phish debuted The Wind Cries Mary in the encore slot on Jimmies night. This huge success of a Hendrix tune hasn’t been seen again since.


8) Burning Down The House - The Talking Heads

Dubbed as “Vernon Down the House” this Talking Heads mega-hit was debuted at none other than Vernon Downs in Vernon, NY. A homecoming show of sorts for Fishman, this fun filled, cover heavy show was capped off by this blazer in the encore spot. As if that wasn’t good enough, Phish then went into YEM to cap off one of the most fun-filled shows ever played. Check out 8/12/98 in its entirety if you haven’t heard it before. It does not disappoint. Audio only for this one.


7) Killing In The Name - Rage Against The Machine

Oh, you want fireworks? Look no further than the July 4th 2010 show from Alpharetta, GA. Coming out of story time in the middle of “Harpua”, this smash your hands on the dashboard rocker would not make its triumphant return to the rotation since this event nearly 11 years ago. This entire show has a lot of highlight moments but, buckle up for Harpua->KITN->Harpua.


6) Sunshine Of Your Feeling - Boston/Cream

Known as the reasoning behind the entire Bakers Dozen, this mash up of a song includes elements of “Sunshine of Your Love”, “Tales of Brave Ulysses”, and “White Room” by the band Cream. It also blends “More Than a Feeling”, and “Foreplay/Longtime” by the band Boston. Performed on “Boston Cream” night of the BD on 8/5/17, it is the first thought that popped into the band's head for doing a donut themed run at MSG.


5) Rhinoceros - Smashing Pumpkins

Opening the show at Deer Creek with this once played cover on 8/3/98 got the party started right from the jump! Summer of ‘98 indeed was the summer of covers, and this one was an absolute shocker to all. As rumor would have it, a phan died in 1997 and they found the album “Gish” by the Pumpkins in the tape player. Last song played on the tape by the young man was “Rhinoceros”. There’s better audio out there but, this is from YouTube and pretty poorly recorded.


4) Terrapin Station - Grateful Dead

On 8/9/98, at Virginia Beach, Phish encored with this legendary Dead track. Being the third anniversary of the day that Jerry died, there were already some rumors floating around on whether or not Phish would dedicate something to Jerry. What they got instead was a blessing that made all the phans rejoice and cheer. This was step one for consideration of Trey for Phil and Phreinds, as well as Fare Thee Well. Sadly, audio only for this one.


3) Night Nurse - Gregory Isaacs

A second set segue fest brought this song to light with perfect placement. Sandwiched perfectly in the middle of “Makisupa Policeman”, this earworm of a song debuted on 10/26/10 in New Hampshire. This entire show is a smoker, and was recently put out in a “Dinner and a Movie” release by Phish.


2) Any Colour You Like - Pink Floyd

To those of you that made the trek from Vegas to Utah on this legendary evening, kudos to you. You picked one of the most amazing nights in this band’s history. The entire “Darkside of the Moon” album was covered from start to finish sandwiched in the middle of “Harpua”. Personally, I would love to see this song’s return out of thin air. This song would fit so perfectly coming out of a massive “Tweezer”, and/or “Ghost”. Fingers crossed for one day. Until then, at least we can listen back to 11/2/98. Entire show audio linked. Any Colour You Like starts at the 2:48:16 mark.


1) So Lonely - The Police

On 11/14/98, Phish treated us to this classic song by The Police. Once again, coming out in the encore slot, this Cincinnati thriller might just be the highlight of this entire show. Although the “Tweezer” and “Bowie” get some love from this show, this cover was pulled off so magnificently that some have said it's better than the original.

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