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Bandcamp Friday: Space Edition

This week for Bandcamp Friday, we are spotlighting Space Bacon. They visited with us this past summer on The Lot, so it seemed like a good time to highlight some of our favorite shows from Bandcamp.



A great place to get your feet wet is their LP Cone, a collection of instrumentals that gives a great overview of the band's tendencies and influences.

2022​.​10​.​8 - Park City Music Hall - Bridgeport, CT

Their most recent show. We find the band in fine form with a great run of "Parallax > Personal Space > Scroll." They also end set II with the end of "Yiddish Spinach" and do the beginning of it for the encore which is interesting.

2022​.​03​.​26 - Underground Arts - Philadelphia, PA

The 2nd set here is a thing of beauty with "Hyperion > Flamethrower > Jacknife > Ice Planet." Feels like the band really locked into something this night. The first set is no slouch either.

2021​.​11​.​12 - Ardmore Music Hall - Ardmore, PA

Opening for Lespecial, this show is a favorite simply for the setlist symmetry with strong versions of every song. "Ice Planet > Ghost House > Ice Planet" opens the set, and "Flamethrower > Sarcophagus > Flamethrower" closes it with a little "Sticky Fingers" in the middle.

2017​.​11​.​10 - The 8x10 - Baltimore, MD

If you are interested in where the band came from, this show from Baltimore is a great glimpse into their early years with a fantastic "Hava Nagila > Bring Home The Bacon."

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