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Bandcamp Picks: Choice Edition

It's Bandcamp Friday again, and we thought we would take this time to highlight some choice selections. Since May of this year, Taper's Choice has been working hard on building up its collection of Choice Tapes. In addition, each member of the band has some additional music on Bandcamp worth checking out.


The Choice Tapes

With each side only labeled ❜ and ❞ respectively, the Choice Tapes aren't so much a collection of individual tracks as they are parts of jams, song sections, and live shows mixed together to create something entirely different. Each volume has its own unique flavor and vibe while still staying true to the Taper's Choice ethos.

Volume 1

This tape might have the best opening riff of all the Choice Tapes. "Doner Wrap" has quickly become a favorite jam vehicle of the band, and with its infectious melody, it is hard not to enjoy this song. The tape gets pretty heady and a bit spacey on the second side but as the only instrumental volume of the Choice Tapes, what it lacks in vocals it makes up in pure jam blissfulness. Pair this volume with an Indica-dominant hybrid for an easy relaxing listen.

Volume 2

The spacy-est of all the Choice Tapes, volume 2 defies the "sophomore slump" that sometimes happens with bands. The band showcases their lyrical chops on this with versions of "Walking Around" and "Impossible Sound."

Volume 3

If you are the type of person who prefers more a studio forward release, then volume 3 is for you. Not only does this tape have a cool take on "Lick the Toad" and "Running from the Rain," there are a couple of songs that have not been played live yet. Grab a mellow hybrid from your stash and get ready for a mystical ride.

Volume 4

The latest edition of the Choice Tapes is highlights from their 5'13 show. Re-worked, re-mixed, and re-mastered, this volume is worth it alone for the "Running from the Rain." This tape will have you dancing so make sure you grab a Sativa to avoid couchlock during these heady jams.


Let's say you are a really cool person and have all the Choice Tapes. Well then here are some of the band's side projects that are on Bandcamp to check out.

Dave Harrington & Tim Mislock - Hollywood Visit

We reviewed this album already but if you haven't checked out Hollywood Visit you should. It's a terrific album and a must own if you Choice Tapes 1 is your favorite of the choice tapes.

Alex Bleeker - Heaven on the Faultline

Bleeker's solo album is great overview of what he musically brings to Taper's Choice. On songs like "Heavy Tupper" you can hear where some of the TC's quips come from. It's an ideal choice if you lick the lyrics to "Lick the Toad."

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