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Bracket Breakdown: Alpine Valley Region

Birds Of A Feather vs Tela

Fan-favorite Tela is going to have trouble against the Story Of The Ghost classic. The mellow nature of the tune and its relative rarity will surely make Birds Of A Feather the jewel of this bracket. Prediction: BOAF 82% Tela 18%


Fluffhead vs Fuck Your Face

Fluffhead lost in the elite 8 last year but looks to make the Final 4 this year. Fuck Your Face is a bit too schticky to be a serious contender and will likely lose in a landslide. Prediction: Fluffhead 92% FYF 8%


Piper vs Waste

While Waste has become loved in the cooldown role or as an encore it really has no chance against Piper. Piper’s storied history tells the tale of one of Phish’s most important songs, from the Volney 99 Piper to it’s MVP status in 2.0 it has always brought the heat Prediction: Piper 76% Waste 24%


Down With Disease Vs Wingsuit

Another case of a beautifully arching slow song against an elite 8 contender. 3.0 elevated DWD to one of the holy grails of Phish launching boards, allowing the band to create some of their most memorable jams.

Prediction: DWD 88% Wingsuit 12%


Twist vs Waves

This may be the closest matchup in this bracket, while Waves may not have the history, its majesty and use for a jam vehicle in 3.0. Twist Fukora is often heralded as one of Phish’s best jams ever and maybe the deciding factor Twist 59% Waves 41%


Icculus vs Cars Trucks Buses

This is ultimately a toss-up with Icculus representing Phish’s old school perchance to write enigmatic songs. CTB is a Page classic that allows the band a great chance to just vamp on a great melody. Icculus 48% CTB 52%


Maze vs Stealing Time

This one may be a little hard for Maze, clearly the stronger song of the two. Stealing Time has found a special place in many 3.0 fans’ hearts, but as the centerpiece of Phish’s strongest studio effort, Maze is clearly the stronger song. Maze 64% Stealing Time 36%


Mercury vs Gumbo

Since its introduction to Phish’s cannon Mercury has shown itself to be one of the band's most ambitious compositions of 3.0. Gumbo on the other hand is a stalwart with its glory days in the cowbell funk era far behind. Sheer momentum will push Mercury over the top Mercury 57% Gumbo 43%


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