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Bracket Breakdown: Bill Graham Region

Bathtub Gin vs. Kill Devil Falls

Kill Devil Falls is a great example of late-era Trey as he comes to grips with the effects of drug abuse. As great as the song is this match-up leaves it knocked out in round one. Bathtub Gin is one of the dozen songs that define Phish and have continually been looked to as a space to explore. Prediction: Gin 73% KDF 27%


The Wedge vs. Mound

This will probably be the closest matchup in the SFCA bracket with 2 Rift classics going head to head. In the end, Wedge will advance due to a handful of semi-legendary versions. Mound, even as one of the band’s most rhythmically interesting songs will fall by a large percentage Prediction: Wedge 64% Mound 36%


Split Open and Melt vs. No Men in No Man’s Land

Another case of a superb 3.0 addition and a 1.0 stalwart. The hat will always tip to history and pedigree, putting SOAM over the top by a large margin Prediction: SOAM 81% NMINML 19%


McGrupp and the Watchful Horsemasters vs. Julius

Perhaps the most interesting matchup in this region pits a breakthrough composition on the band's part and the one that really started it all. McGrupp is the seed that gave us Gamehenge and the rich mythology that brings Phish fans together. Julius was a helluva hot little tune that hit a bad draw. It will be closer than it should but McGrupp will bark again. Prediction: McGrupp 62% Julius 38%


Carini vs. Contact

The fans will say no Mike. Carini is part of the Evil Phish axis and one of the most coveted songs in the band's catalog. Contact is cute, an exercise, and born of a desire of Trey to have other songwriters in the band. Prediction: Carini 74% Contact 26%


Col. Forbin's Ascent vs. Makisupa Policeman

This may be deceptive. Makisupa looks to sneak out a win here since Col Forbin has been separated from Mockingbird. Makisupa with its marijuana references is classic Phish goofiness and will eke out a win Prediction: Col. Forbin's Ascent 47% Makisupa 53%


Llama vs. Beneath a Sea of Stars

Being a 3.0 song is tough, being a Ghost Of The Forest song is even tougher and when you face the almighty Llama your dance will be short. One of the greatest LP opening tracks ever on Picture Of Nectar, Llama has become a holy grail and will take this easily. Prediction: Llama 85% BASOS 15%


Golgi Apparatus vs. Weigh

This is a toss-up, Golgi is another of the classic early Phish that is always welcome in a setlist. Weigh is maybe Gordon's most mature composition and his standout on Rift. End of the day the nod will go to Weigh.

Prediction: Golgi 47% Weigh 53%

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