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Bracket Breakdown: Bill Graham Region Round 2

Colonel Forbin’s Ascent vs. Carini

In the last round, Forbin took down Makisupa 67-33 in an interesting, but Gamehendge weighted matchup. Carini demolished Phish classic Contact 89-11 in the same round. Carini has roots in 1.0 and has busted its way through to now, while Forbin has taken a Mockingbirdseye view. Also, Carini always fucks. Prediction: Carini: 69% Colonel Forbin's Ascent: 31%


McGrupp and the Watchful Hosemasters vs. Split Open and Melt

McGrupp is one of those songs that everyone is chasing, rightfully so. Split is a jam dream. Find the one non-musicians. I dare you. Last round McGrupp snuck away with a 55-45 victory over Julius, likely due to McGrupp rarity versus Julius overplay. (Julius with horns or gtfo in case you don’t know who’s writing this). Split buried NMINML 85-15 in an unexpected trouncing of what is arguably one of Phish’s better 2nd set staples. Prediction: Split Open and Melt: 77% McGrupp and the Watchful Hosemasters: 23%


Bathtub Gin vs. The Wedge

Give it up for The Wedge everyone for making it this far by taking out Mound 60-40 in what this author believes was an outrage but whatever because it’s about to go up against Gin. Bathtub Gin is on many people’s brackets to take it all home this year. We will see Gin in the next round.

Prediction: Bathtub Gin: 88% The Wedge: 12% (all trolls)


Llama vs. Golgi

Ghost Llama specifically asked someone else to write this section of the bracket because he recused himself. A wise move. I will try to be as empirical as possible about this prediction. Llama galloped over Beneath a Sea of Stars 86-14 in what was probably the easiest bet anyone could ever make. Golgi had a good showing but a tougher opponent and defeated Weigh 68-32. Slow or fast Llama, either way, if you poll the audience on which song they would rather see, everyone wants to scream “I SAW YOU!” at the top of their lungs at the end of a show. Prediction: Golgi Apparatus: 59% Llama: 41%

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