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Bracket Breakdown: Dick's Region Round 2

Cavern vs Guyute

Guyute will ultimately walk away with this and it is a travesty. Cavern is one of the band's most ingenious compositions. Guyute, even with its nod to prog Trey from the late 80s and early 90s, lacks the power of and message of Cavern Prediction: Cavern 36% Guyute 64%


Fly Famous Mockingbird vs Punch You in the Eye

A battle of Gamehendge songs that pits the best extraneous tale from the saga against the filler music to push the tale to its conclusion. Mockingbird may look to have a slight edge, but in the end, Punch You in the Eye will walk with its venomous lyrics and incorporation of Landlady. Prediction: Mockingbird 42% PYITE 58%


Fee vs Harry Hood

Fee will be exiting the bracket tonight as it comes up against one of the songs that made it to the finals in last year's bracket. Harry Hood is legendary and has become a staple that Fee never has.

Prediction: Fee 12% Hood 88%


It’s Ice vs. The Moma Dance

This may be the closest matchup in this region with Story of the Ghost’s Moma vs Rift’s It’s Ice. Can the funk overpower one of Phish’s lyrically darkest compositions? The answer will be told soon. For now, it is a toss-up.

Prediction: It’s Ice 50% Moma 50%

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