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Bracket Breakdown: Dick's Region

Gotta Jiboo vs Fee

Gotta Jiboo has clout, but Fee is one of Trey’s most beloved twisted fairytales. In the end the novelty of Fee will nudge past Jiboo, leaving fans of the funk melting in the streets. Prediction: Fee 56% Gotta Jiboo 44%


The Moma Dance vs Vultures

One of the better matchups in the early rounds, Moma vs. Vultures comes down to what you want in a show. Do you want deep funk or do you want fast rock? Considering Moma has had much more run than Vultures, this should be a Moma walk-off, but an upset isn’t completely out of the question.

Prediction: Moma Dance 58% Vultures 42%


It’s Ice vs Steam

With the inclusion of Steam on Sigma Oasis, it is hard to see it losing in the first round to old-time favorite It’s Ice. While we’re on the subject, if Steam gets a fog machine, why can’t It’s Ice get an ice machine on stage?

Prediction: Steam 72% It’s Ice 28%


Glide vs Cavern

In one of the more interesting matchups, this one is bound to cause some melts. On the one hand, Cavern is a regularly caught song. You have most likely seen a Cavern in the closing spot or in the encore. On the other, Glide is one of those quirky songs that people chase so this could go either way. This one is a toss-up.

Prediction: Glide 50.1% Cavern 49.9%


Poor Heart vs Guyute

There is a lot of unjustified Guyute hate out there and I’ve never understood why. Does the middle instrumental section kill your buzz that much? Poor Heart is a novelty but still a joy. I think Poor Heart wins this matchup but it shouldn’t

Prediction: Poor Heart 65% Guyute %35


Light vs Fly Famous Mockingbird

Get the fuck out of here.

Prediction: Mockingbird 95% Light 5%


Seven Below vs Punch You In The Eye

Nobody hates a PYITE opener. No one. Very few people get hyped to get a Seven Below. Great song, but not worthy. This is another blowout.

Prediction: PYITE: 80% Seven Below 20%


Lifeboy vs Harry Hood

Poor Lifeboy. One of Phish’s most underappreciated songs and it has to go against Hood in the first round. Hood is final four bound.

Prediction: Hood 88% Lifeboy 12%

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