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Bracket Breakdown: Hampton Region

Sample vs Axilla

A breakthrough composition in Sample vs the sometimes misaligned Axilla. The band chose to rewrite the lyric for Axilla, creating Part II, but fans always wanted the original. Ultimately Axilla will make a statement and move on to the round of 32. Prediction: Sample 33.4% Axilla 66.6%


Rift vs Horn

The inhumanity of putting these two Rift classics head to head in round one will have only one outcome. Rift, with its manic guitar and swirling lyrical interplay will allow Horn to do its nightly pick-ups outside the bracket. Prediction: Rift 70% Horn 30%


Prince Caspian vs My Friend My Friend

Prince Caspian, the most misunderstood of Billy Breathes tracks, referred to as ‘fuckerpants’ for its penchion for killing a set will in all likelihood exit in this matchup. My Friend is too strong with its Evil Phish connection and elusive status live. Prediction: Caspian 32% My Friend My Friend 68%


Brother vs Wolfman's Brother

Get the joke? Brother, fun as it may be, has nothing on Wolfman’s Brother. A consistent jam vehicle and stand out for 25 years, this is really no contest. Prediction: Brother 18% Wolfman’s Brother 82%


Fast Enough For You vs Tube

Another battle between Rift era songs. Fast Enough For You is one of the band’s most affecting ballads, but Tube is one of the songs that took the cowbell funk to new levels with every performance. Another blowout in the first round.

Prediction: Fast Enough For You 28% Tube 72%


Back On The Train vs 46 Days

Two late-era 1.0 tunes from a time the band was looking to hone their songwriting and storytelling skills. The classic Train motif from American history vs the story of survival. In the end, 46 Days has proven its superiority and will take this comfortably. Prediction: Back On The Train 39% 46 Days 61%


Bouncing vs Divided Sky

Bouncing could have been huge, a hit, if only it had appeared on Picture Of Nectar. A mindset rave-up in its infancy it now serves as a breather in 1st sets. Divided Sky, the grand dame of Junta and early Phish, is one of the bands most enthralling compositions and may end up with the biggest blow out in the bracket Prediction: Bouncin 6% Divided Sky 94%


Oh Kee Pa vs Lizards

It’s Lizards, come on. Prediction: Lizards 92% Oh Kee Pa 8%

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