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Bracket Breakdown: Hampton Region Round 2

Wolfman’s Brother vs Tube

Both funk stalwarts from the Cow Bell era, this matchup will leave people melting from coast to coast. This will probably be the closest contest in this region with Tube walking away with the win Prediction: Tube 52.8 Wolfman’s 47.2


46 Days vs Divided Sky

46 Days enters this match up limping out of their slim win in round 01. Divided Sky is one of the bands most revered songs, winning it’s first round 90/10. This may be closer, but only slightly. Prediction: Divided Sky 78% 46 Days 22%


Lizards vs Axilla

Battle of the Gamehendge songs with Lizards the classic opening to the fabled tale and Axilla a sort of adjunct tale of the stories pre-history. In the end Lizards will again move on as it marches toward the round of 8. Prediction: Lizards 71% Axilla 29%


My Friend My Friend vs Rift

The battles between Rift songs continues with 2 songs that won their respective 1st round matches by 69%. With Rift being the launching point for Phish’s DSOTM, it will edge out the bastion of evil Phish that is MFMF. Prediction: Rift 58% My Friend My Friend 42%

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