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Bracket Breakdown: MPP Region

Antelope vs About To Run

You can Run or you can anticipate movement and the one moving on will be Antelope. Elite 8 two years in a row and one of the band's most identifiable songs. Besides, it is the only Anastasio / Marshall / Pollak song. Set the gearshift for the Final 4. Prediction: Antelope 93% About To Run Troll%


Walls Of The Cave vs S.A.N.T.O.S.

A very intriguing matchup. Ultimately, the votes will side with Walls on the Cave because nothing brings out old crusties more than a 3.0 song getting votes. This is where Gens X and Z fight while millennials eat their avocado toast.

Prediction: Walls of the Cave 63% S.A.N.T.O.S.37%


Harpua vs Saw It Again

Harpua is another of Phish’s Goofy Grails and because of this will probably walk with a win. Truth is, Saw It Again not only owned MPP one night in 3.0, but it is also one of the last bastions of evil Phish. Prediction: Harpua 58% Saw It Again 42%


Possum vs Scents & Subtle Sounds

An unfortunate matchup for Scents and Subtle Sounds, the 2.0 fan favorite has no chance against Possum. Speaking of Possum, it has a cakewalk into round 3 where Antelope is waiting. Possum needs to pick up momentum now and keep it going to make the sweet sixteen.

Prediction: Possum 70% Scents & Subtle Sounds 30%


Dinner And A Movie vs Free

Two mid-major songs clash in this matchup. Dinner and a Movie a quirky little ditty against the arena rock of Free. I don’t see enough quirky music votes here to overtake Free but it will be close.

Prediction: Free 55% Dinner and a Movie 45%


Heavy Things vs Stash

Looking for a deeper run than last year, Stash needs to bring out the votes early and often. Despite its easier draw for round one Stash still needs a wallop of a win to gain momentum if it wants to hold its own in the later rounds and win the region.

Prediction: Stash 85% Heavy Things 15%


Scent Of A Mule vs Roggae

An easy win for Scent of Mule; Roggae doesn’t stand a chance. SOAM needs to focus on its second-round matchup against David Bowie if it plans on making another deep run this year.

Prediction: Scent of a Mule 92% Roggae 8%


Alumni Blues vs David Bowie

Bowie has to focus on this matchup and not overlook it for rounds 2 or 3 if it wants to survive. Alumni Blues without Letter to Jimmy Page does bode well for Bowie though. This should be an easy victory but the road out the MPP region is difficult Bowie.

Prediction: David Bowie 86% Alumni Blues 14%

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