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Bracket Breakdown: MSG Round 2

Reba vs. Guelah Papyrus

Coming off an upset victory over Suzy Greenberg, Guelah Papyrus looks to play spoiler again this round. Coming up against Reba, the favorite to win it all, isn’t going to be easy. Guelah beat Suzy by only 78 votes. Guelah Papyrus is going to need all 691 votes it received in round 1 if it hopes to beat Reba. The good news for Guelah is that there were 157 more votes in its matchup than Reba had. We don’t foresee all 691 votes staying with GP in round 2 though.

Prediction: Reba 89% Guelah Papyrus 11%


AC/DC Bag vs. The Squirming Coil

AC/DC Bag handily won its round 1 matchup by a margin of 690 votes (78.5%) while The Squirming Coil performed equally well by getting 569 (72.7%) more votes than Buried Alive. This matchup is shaping up to be the closest in this region’s round 2. Given the trend of older songs getting more votes, we predict a victory for AC/DC Bag.

Prediction: AC/DC Bag 56% The Squirming Coil 44%


NICU vs. Slave to the Traffic Light

NICU only managed 398 more votes than its 3.0 opponent in round 1 whereas Slave to the Traffic Light coasted over a 1.0 song by 843 votes. The edge here is clearly for Slave to the Traffic Light, a dark horse to take on Reba for the winner of the Madison Square Garden Region.

Prediction: Slave to the Traffic Light 88% NICU 12%


The Mango Song vs. The Curtain With

There were 102 more votes in Mango Song’s round 1 matchup than The Curtain With’s matchup (1159 votes compared to 1057). If the Mango Song has any chance of winning, it is going to need all 102 of those extra votes to come in for Mango which seems unlikely.

Prediction: The Mango Song 44% The Curtain With 56%

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