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Bracket Breakdown: SPAC Region

Water In The Sky Vs Mike's Song

The most one-sided matchup in the SPAC region, Water in the Sky should just be happy to make the bracket. Mike’s Song went to the Final Four last year and has dreams of taking it all this year. This should be a no-brainer for Mike’s.

Prediction: Mike’s 92% Water in the Sky 8%


Billy Breathes vs The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday

An interesting but ultimately uneventful matchup. Does the Gamehendge instrumental have what it takes to defeat Billy Breathes? Sadly, no it doesn’t but one can’t help but hope it’s closer than most will think.

Prediction: Billy Breathes 82% TMWSIY 18%


Silent In The Morning vs First Tube

This isn’t an encore; it’s the big dance. Without its partner, The Horse, Silent in the Morning isn’t going to be dancing long. First Tube needs a big win here though if it wants to continue dancing to the sweet sixteen because the road only gets tougher from here.

Prediction: First Tube 90% Silent in the Morning 10%


Weekapaug Groove vs What’s The Use

Another easy matchup here, this time for Weekapaug Groove, who should win this heavily. The real trouble for Weekapaug comes in round two where it might struggle to advance.

Prediction: Weekapaug 94% What’s the Use 6%


A Song I Heard The Ocean Sing vs Pebbles and Marbles

A 2.0 matchup, A Song I Heard the Ocean Sing has some heavy lifting to do if it wants to defeat Pebbles and Marbles. Personally, I don’t see a path for ASIHTOS defeating what is arguably the strongest song from that era. The real question is are there enough 2.0 phans to move Pebbles and Marbles past Weekapaug in round two?

Prediction: Pebbles and Marbles 86% ASIHTOS 14%


Runaway Jim vs Bug

This matchup should be a runaway for Runaway Jim. Bug just doesn’t have a chance and we don’t think there will be enough sympathy votes to give it any sort of fighting chance.

Prediction: Runaway Jim 98% Bug 2%


Brian and Robert vs Tweezer (Reprise)

Here is a matchup where sympathy votes might make this closer than we think. Brain and Robert need enough people to think they don’t have a chance that voters will give the song a sympathy vote. A lot of sympathy votes would be needed to upset Tweezer (Reprise).

Prediction: Tweeprise 60% Brian and Robert 40%


Wilson Vs Taste

Another easy matchup here. This time Wilson is set to devour Taste. Wilson will need a big win and to carry that momentum to round two where it is set to face off against Tweeprise.

Prediction: Wilson 92% Taste 8%

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