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Bracket Breakdown: SPAC Region Round 2

Wilson vs Tweezer Reprise

Wilson squeaked by Taste in the first round by 156 votes, whereas Tweezer Reprise won decisively by 683 votes. While we don’t see such a big margin of victory for Tweeprise, it doesn’t look like Wilson will make it to round three.

Prediction: Wilson 38% Tweezer Reprise 62%


Pebbles and Marbles vs Weekapaug Groove

The only non 1.0 song to advance past the opening round, Pebbles and Marbles is going to need all 783 votes from the first round plus some. Weekapaug Groove pulled the third highest number of votes in this region in round one with 808. It is shaping up to be a victory, albeit a close one, for Groove.

Prediction: Pebbles and Marbles 27% Weekapaug Groove 73%


Billy Breathes vs Mike’s Song

With a total 951 votes for it’s round one matchup, Billy Breathes doesn’t stand a chance. Mike’s song coasted in with 948 votes just by itself. This is shaping up to be a big blowout victory for Mike’s, as it should be given how far Mike’s Song went in last year’s bracket.

Prediction: Billy Breathes 12% Mike’s Song 88%


Runaway Jim vs First Tube

Both Runaway Jim and First Tube won their matchups easily in round 1. Now they square off against each other in what is sure to be the closest match in the region. Given that Runaway Jim received 115 more votes than First Tube, we feel good calling this one for Runaway Jim.

Prediction: Runaway Jim 58% First Tube 48%

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