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Bracket Breakdown: Sweet Sixteen

by radiator9987

Slave to the Traffic Light vs. Reba

Many are calling this Reba’s year, but the going gets tough at this level. Slave to the Traffic Light is, like Reba, a song that has reached legendary status. In the end, the lack of lyrical girth will leave it short. Prediction: Reba 62% Salve to the Traffic Light 38%


Divided Sky vs The Lizards

The Lizard's amazing run looks to come to an end here, but just barely. Divided Sky will, in the end, win the day before it departs in the next round.

Prediction: Divided Sky 58% The Lizards 42%


Down With Disease vs Fluffhead

In a round of impossible choices, this may be the most interesting. Down With Disease, the break thru composition from the early 90s versus the song that is revered for both its rich history and status as the one that kicked off 3.0. Fluffhead will be moving on in another close one.

Prediction: Down With Disease 43% Fluffhead 57%


David Bowie vs Run Like an Antelope

A real toss-up. Both songs have become shells of their former selves in 3.0, but Bowie should eek this one out, barely.

Prediction: David Bowie 52% Run Like an Antelope 48%


Punch You in the Eye vs Harry Hood

Even with Punch You in the Eye being the band’s most frequent 1st set opener, Hood will be moving to another Final Four appearance. Prediction: Punch You in the Eye 37% Harry Hood 63%


Mike's Song vs Weekpaug Groove

Looking at the margins of victory for each tune from previous rounds it looks like Mike’s Song will be moving on. Prediction: Mike’s Song 56% Weekapaug Groove 44%


Chalk Dust Torture vs Ghost

At this point in the Phish Bracket, it always gets ugly and this may be Ghost's hardest battle on its way to glory. Still, there is enough Chalk Dust Torture hate that it will fall by the largest margin in this round.

Prediction: Chalk Dust Torture 34% Ghost 66%


SOAM V Bathtub Gin

After squeaking by Carini last round, Split Open and Melt will end its run against one of the band's most important early compositions. A win for Bathtub Gin with a little breathing room. Prediction: Split Open and Melt 42% Bathtub Gin 58%

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