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Bracket Breakdown: Gorge Region

Blaze On Vs Ghost

Blaze On is a top-tier 3.0 song, but Ghost is Ghost. Final 4 last year, losing to the eventual champion YEM. This will be a blowout, but Ghost will never boast. Prediction: Blaze ON 13% Ghost 87%


Undermind Vs Chalk Dust Torture

Coming up against Chalk Dust Torture in the first round is brutal for Undermind. Another solid 2.0 era song with a quick exit in the bracket. The real question here is how many 2.0 fans can band together and get some votes for Undermind?

Prediction: Undermind 23% Chalk Dust Torture 77%


Foam vs Sloth

Possibly the toughest matchup in the first round, both Foam and Sloth are fun songs that audiences rage too. We think this is going to come down to a tossup. Both songs deserve to move onto round two, especially given some of the other matchups in this region (we’re looking at you More vs. Sand).

Prediction: Foam 49.9% Sloth 50.1%


More Vs Sand

Do both of these songs belong in the bracket? Maybe. Does one of these songs deserve to make it to round two? Absolutely not. The only interesting thing will be to see if trolls can rally up support for More and lead it to victory. Given the sheer number of 1.0 fans that participate in the bracket, we don’t see More making it to round 2. Whatever song advances will surely be slaughtered in round 2.

Prediction: More 38% Sand 62%


Thread vs Theme from the Bottom

Arguably the best song on Sigma Oasis, Thread’s rookie matchup in the bracket is a tough one. Going up against any song from the fan adored Billy Breathes album is difficult for any song to overcome let alone a new 3.0 song. Unfortunately, we don’t see 3.0 songs getting respect until we are well into 4.0 so this year looks to be an early exit for Thread.

Prediction: Thread 29% Theme from the Bottom 71%


Dirt vs Limb by Limb

How Dirt got into the bracket is questionable, especially given the title track from its album didn’t even make the cut (Farmhouse). Limb by Limb should make an easy go of it especially given how casual fans might not even remember Dirt and just vote for the familiar song.

Prediction: Dirt 11% Limb by Limb 89%


Sparkle vs Simple

Simple will ease past the first round. Sparkle just doesn’t have the shine on it to compete with the monster versions of Simple that have appeared. Even if a voter has only listened to the Simple from A Live One that alone is enough for Simple to coast to a victory.

Prediction: Sparkle 7% Simple 93%


Meatstick vs Character Zero

Does Character Zero have what it takes to tackle a Meatstick? This is an interesting matchup that will cause some first-round melts for sure. We think Character Zero’s frequency in the encore spot is enough for voters to choose Meatstick.

Prediction: Meatstick 55% Character Zero 45%

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