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Fast Five Dick's Predictions

by wookplus

While most folks are looking back and reminiscing about Dick's past, even going as for as debating which year gave them the best Dick's, we here at wookplus decided to think of what future Dick's will look like. Starting with this year's bigger Dick's run, we thought of what was in store for us.


1) Eras Shows

This would be an interesting set of shows for sure. It would be interesting to see what order the band would play the sets and then what songs from each era would make the cut. How could the band possibly condense all of 1.0 into a single show?

2) Phish "Cancels" Shows

The theory behind this is really straightforward, the Sci-Fi Soldiers return, only they bring in more characters. Phish reprise their roles in this sequel, but members of Goose are added to the mix. They play out a four-day saga that somehow involves the members of both bands carrying a torch that has to be passed for some reason. Then suddenly, on Sunday, when we all didn't think it could get any weirder, Bob Weir takes the stage and joins in with the band as the founder of the Sci-Fi Soldiers. At this point, they all have torches, and there is something about how love keeps the torch lit, and we all have a torch in ourselves that if we keep it lit, we can help others light their torch. It's all kinda cheesy, but the songs are really awesome, and know you don't know if you still hate Goose.

3) Medley Shows

The premise is pretty simple, Phish plays a medley of every song they have ever written. They simply play a medley of every song they have ever written or covered. The medley would have eight movements, 1 for each set of the run.

4) Studio Albums

The band simply plays a studio album in its entirety each set. They could only play 8 of their 15 studio albums, so it will be interesting to see what they choose.

5) The Final Cubes

If we consider everything in the Phish mythology to be connected, then Gamehendge must be part of the nine cubes. So we know Kasvot and Sci-Fi Soldiers are each their own cubes. Surely, our own existence is its own cube. So what about those other four cubes? Well the band will dedicate each night to a different cube. Set 1 would start be a regular Phish set each night and set 2 would be a different themed cube each night. Maybe each cube will have a different influence. How crazy would a grunge themed set or a indie themed set be?

The musical complexity accounts for the number of repeats this tour. Regardless of wether you agree with any of these speculations, I think we can all agree that Dick's this year will be special.

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