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Fast Five: How Goose Sells Out Red Rocks

It seems Goose is on the fast track to become big. Today we look at five ways Goose can become even bigger and sell out Red Rocks by July of 2023.


Phish adds a Goose song to their repertoire and plays it fairly regularly.

It’s summer tour 2021 and Phish has been playing a scorcher of a 2nd set when all of a sudden you hear a familiar guitar lick. There’s a bit of a disco feel to this intro jam and you can’t quite place the song. Then Trey begins singing and the rest of the band joins in on harmony then it clicks they are covering Goose’s The Empress of Organos. You look around and the rest of the crowd is figuring it out too. Nobody quite knows what to do. The band plays on. Once Trey sings “you say it looks rain today we say what a day to be living,” the crowd is sold on the song and Phish starts jamming it out a bit. After the show, fans check out Goose and slowly work on convincing their friends to come to Goose shows.

As the tour goes on Phish plays The Empress of Organos a few more times. Trey gives an interview on Phish Radio about why he loves the song especially the what a day to be living part. Meanwhile back on stage Trey makes a Goose reference during a Harpua. The love for Goose grows. Now that Trey likes Goose, Phish bros can too. Butter Rum sees an uptick in streams. Goose sells out Red Rocks by July of 2023.


A show uses Goose as a main character’s favorite band.

In this scenario, a highly successful television series has a character that is a huge fan of Goose. This would work out very similarly to how things worked out for Death Cab for Cutie thanks to Seth from the OC.

The main character falls in love being soundtracked by Slow Ready (special release EP to coincide with the season 1 finale). Soon proms are playing slow Goose jams all night as Goose’s popularity grows with a younger audience.

This can go as far as having an episode centered around a Goose concert and Goose making a cameo on the show. But either way by July of 2023, Red Rocks will be filled with Goose fans.


Dancing to Goose songs becomes a Tik Tok trend.

For whatever reason, a heartbroken teen gets over their ex by posting a Tik Tok of themselves dancing to the “see you later... alligator” part of Time to Flee. It’s hella cute and gets over 100k retweets. Other users soon start to mimic it. It is called the Fleeing Gator. Basically, it’s the cranberry juice thing all over again. Goose sees a similar bump in interest that Fleetwood Mac saw.

Just when all the interest in this viral moment seems to wind down, the original teenager who created the Fleeing Gator joins the band on stage and the dance move officially becomes tied to the audience. Every Time to Flee played after this one will include this viral dance.

Some person in the New York Mets organization sees the dance and pitches an idea to management. Soon the Fleeing Gator dance is incorporated by the New York Mets and is played whenever Jacob DeGrom strikes out a batter. As the Mets make their way to the world series the song is seen as a rallying cry for the Mets. Goose is asked to play Time to Flee before the Mets take the field for game 1 of the World Series against the Chicago White Sox. Coach throws out the first pitch. Over 5 million people hear Time to Flee and the band is spotlighted before the game. By the next July, Goose sells out Red Rocks.


Ezra Koenig and other musicians keep talking about Goose.

Not only has Ezra Koenig, of Vampire Weekend fame, professed his love for the band on his Apple Music Beats 1 show Time Crisis, he even enlisted Goose to cover the Vampire Weekend song 2021. If Vampire Weekend brings Goose along as their opener on a tour, even more people will see Goose and get into them.

One night in LA Judd Apatow is at a Vampire Weekend show and hears Goose play a stunning version of Arcadia and decides he needs to use that song in one of his movies. The movie is very successful and a ton of people stream Arcadia. A few music journalists attend a Goose show because they know the movie was popular and that this tie-in will lead to more clicks on their website. Soon a bunch of articles about how good that band from the Judd Apatow movie is appear. The interest in the band peaks and more people go to their shows. Enough people attend in Colorado that they sell out Red Rock in July of 2023.


Social Media Influencers begin to promote Goose.

This method is very similar to the viral Tik Tok dance bit, but with one very big difference. Goose jams are being used as aesthetics to help set the mood in social video posts. Soon advertising executives try to hire Goose to create custom consumer ads. The exclusive rights to use (satellite) for marketing purposes becomes a bidding war. Meanwhile, tv dramas are adding random Goose jams from Moon Cabin into the background of scenes to help recreate the popularity of a “Goose aesthetic” for the artsy cool character in the series. As Goose songs become more prevalent in media the number of downloads and streams jump higher. Goose is able to sell out Red Rocks by 2023.

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