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Five Songs to Play at Alpine

So far this summer tour Phish has played 190 unique songs. They have played 350 songs overall over the course of 19 shows. With the end of the Summer run approaching this weekend we at wookplus took a look at the songs that haven't been played yet this tour. We decided to see if we could predict what 5 songs will see their summer tour debate this weekend.


Sound checked in Toronto, Petrichor looks primed for it Alpine debut. Having last been played December 8, 2019 in Charleston, will Petrichor be jammed differently in 4.0?

The Landlady

Phish has played a 18 different openers this tour, with 46 Days being the only repeat. Surprisingly, The Landlady hasn’t been one. With the way the band has been changing around song placement don’t be surprised if Landlady opens the encore instead of the show.

The Sloth

Played only 18 times during 3.0. Of those 18 times, The Sloth appeared at Alpine 4 times for a remarkable 22.22% of all Sloths played. In hiding since the Vegas animal set, does the Sloth make an appearance this weekend at Alpine?


With an average show gap of 6.6 and a current gap of 41 shows, Fee is due for a return. Last played at Alpine in 2012, Alpine looks to be set once for a big Fee bust out.

Knuckle Bone Broth Avenue

This Sci-Fi Soldier opener is one of our favorites here at wookplus. With a 14 show gap, there is a strong chance for Knuckle Bone Broth Avenue to make an appearance during the Alpine run.

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