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Taper's Choice Power Rankings

With a little under a month until the next Taper’s Choice show we decided to look back at the 8 available shows that have been played and see how they hold up. These power rankings are purely arbitrary and can change at anytime. The formula for ranking Taper’s Choice music is a fickle one and changes often. Be sure to check out Taper's Choice on Wednesday Aug. 31 at the Larimer Lounge before Dick's.



1) 5’6’22 - LA Dead Night

So far to date this is the best Taper’s Choice show released. The band is returning back to Southern California with the first Jam Hollywood trip under their belt. This show also has the only live version of "The Impossible Sound" to date.

2) 6’18’22 - Choice Fest

Yes this show has some audio issues notably the "Walking Around" being hit especially hard, but the "Doner Wrap" opener is as tight as the band has ever sounded. This show has the 1st ever "Dave Test (No)" and "Lilac Palace" is worth listening to the audio hiccups for.

3) 4’24’22- Jam Hollywood

You can feel the energy and excitement in this Jam Hollywood debut. The band is having a good time and are relaxed. They bring out Stuart Bogie on Saxophone to close out set one with an excellent rendition of "Darkness on the Edge of Midtown", Kenny Wallace sitting in on percussion all of set 2, and bust out a cover of Geese's "Low" complete with Geese frontman Cameron Winter on lead vocals.

4) 5’13’22 - Big Sur

The intimate vibe of venue really comes through on the recording and has the best version of Walking Around. The real star of this show is the "Running in the Rain" which the band takes for it longest jaunt yet. The audio from this show is so crisp parts of this show made Volume 4 of The Choice Tapes.

5) 6’9’22 - The Farmstand Show

This show was a surprise to fans who weren’t at this private event. At just over an hour the band plays only 5 songs and keeps it cooking. Don't let this show fool you, there are plenty of heady moments within like the tasty mid set "Doner Wrap" and a sneaky good version "Lick the Toad".

6) 3’11’22 - Taper's Choice 2.0

This show is a little over an hour but packs a bunch of songs and even includes a guest appearance from Nicole of Dolphin Hyperspace. This show marks Alex's return to stage after a missing two shows with Covid.

7) 6’10’22 - The Huichica Music Festival

This festival set clocks in at 45 minutes making it the shortest show up but the opening "Dave Test (Yes)" > "Lilac Palace" is pure jam goodness.

8) 4’22’22 - The Relix Twitch Stream

This show was only on the Relix Twitch stream. It’s only at the bottom because the other shows are easier to download and listen to everywhere.



1) Darkness on the Edge of Midtown

There is a reason the band has started half of their shows with this rocker. By they time the drums kick in after the guitar and hi-hat intro the crowd is feeling pretty choice themselves.

2) Doner Wrap

A versatile workhorse of a song, Doner Wrap fits anywhere in the set and the groove is sure to get the dance floor shaking.

3) Above the Timberline

With a main riff that sounds like a Grateful Dead cover, this song is sure to draw the audience in and hold their attention. It's such a great song to get lost in and explore that Taper's Choice groove. Timberline really showcases to the audience what they are in for.

4) Dave Test (Yes)

A bold plan to start the show with a test. I would imagine as the fanbase grows and more people join in on the Dave Test fun, this will shoot up higher on the list.

5) Running in the Rain

Don’t sleep on this jam just because it’s at the bottom of the this list. This song kicked off the fun Jam Hollywood show and has been known to go deep. Running is the utility infielder of the Taper's Choice catalog and fits in almost any position.



1) Doner Wrap

Leaving the crowd with a delicious Wrap is the best way to ensure they go home satisfied. Ending a show with "Give what you're able" is great reminder to us all to help our fellow man without being preachy.

2) Walking Around

The way this song just perfectly ends the 5’13’22 show is amazing. I could see this song closing more show as the crowd walks around on the inside waitilng for the next show.

3) Above the Timberline

This song closing a show basically guarantees that you’ll have Taper’s Choice stuck in your head on the way home. As those closing riffs continue to bounce in your mind you can't help but wonder when your next TC show will be.

4) Darkness On the Edge of Midtown

This song is so rocking hearing it just makes everyone want more songs; not the best way to end a show.

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