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What's in Store For Taper's Choice 3’0?

After wrapping up their very own Choice Fest, the fine gentlemen of Taper's Choice took a break from playing TC gigs. That all changes tomorrow night in Central Park. The band embarks on its latest era beginning in Jam Hollywood instead of the familiar confines of Gold Diggers in Los Angeles.

Given all the growth in 2’0, we at wookplus think there are big things in store for Taper's Choice fans. Below we list nine things to be on the lookout for in Taper's Choice 3’0. It should be noted all this is hypothetical and laid out in order from most probable to least probable.

1) Debut New Songs

When the 3rd volume of The Choice Tapes was released, we were treated to studio renditions of songs that the band had played before and at least two other songs the band had never played live. I would imagine those songs will make their live appearance in 3’0. So clean out those ears and be listening for songs from Choice Tapes Vol. 3

2) The Return of The Impossible Sound

Only played once during the 2’0 era, The Impossible Sound looks to make an appearance back into the live repertoire.

3) A Determined Dave's Test

After suffering the effects of failing the Dave Test during Choice Fest, look for the band to return to retake the test with improved confidence. Not wanting to disappoint the fans, we at wookplus are calling it now: The first Dave Test back is going deep and getting two thumbs up from Dave.

4) Taper' Upgrade

Since the whole point 0 era thing is a joke on software releases, let's take it a step further. Taper's Choice 3’0 is the public release. Despite its functionality and simplicity, the TC website will get a major upgrade in the 3’0 era.

5) H. Bong Shirt

Sure there are lots of very dope TC shirts out there. The upcoming Jamtopia shirts have H. Bong on them, but they're not the centerpiece. H. Bong on its on own shirt is what the fans deserve.

6) Taper's Choice on Streaming Apps

"Are they on Spotify?" The universal question that all Taper's Choice fans hate. You have to say no and follow up by trying to sell someone on Bandcamp, but people are set in their streaming ways. Well, thanks to fans like you and us, who did listen on Bandcamp, TC should finally be able to make the jump into the streaming arenas.

7) A "Debut" Album

Yes, each show that has been released on is, in essence, a live album, and the Choice Tapes themselves, it could be argued they are albums as well. It doesn't matter where you land on the chart to a casual music fan the band hasn't released a "proper" (in the commercial conventional major label way) album yet. 3.0 would be the perfect era to release their debut album.

8) Taper's Choice - Choice Stops

The band finally hits the road in the 3.0 era and brings tasty Wraps and choice jams to the masses. When and where are yet to be determined but be sure the band will finally play some landlocked states. Ideally, they hit the road sometime soon and play your city next. But until then, we just sit and hope a tour means more tapes.

9) Three: The Magic Number

Taper's Choice kicks off 3.0 by playing a show with three bands on the 30th (3.0). In honor of this, the band will play three songs. One song from each era will be played. The setlist would go something like Doner Wrap to bring the crowd in and to represent 1.0, probably 10 minutes long. Then after the thank you for coming here, the band plays Lilac Place and jams it out for like 20 minutes to represent the 2.0 era. To really drive in the point they are a jamband, they segue into the nine-minute debut of the first new song of the 3.0 era. Giving the band 1 minute of stage banter time, which would be used mostly during the break between Doner Wrap and Lilac Palace. The remainder of the stage banter time, saying their goodbyes to Jam Hollywood. Strangely enough, the first Taper's Choice show will be played in the 3rd state the band has ever played a show in. It makes us wonder what the band has in store for the show that night.

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