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Wookplus Record Club Month 3

Welcome to the third "meeting" of the wookplus record club. Over at wook HQ, we have a bit of a music gap outside of the jamband world. We all listen to very different musical styles outside of the jamband world. In the spirit of musical discovery, Kev and Llama are each going to present an album and tell us why we should listen to it. Then at the end of the month, Kev and Llama will publish their review of the other's album.


Arctic Monkeys - Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not

Keeping in mind that one of the main goals of this club is to introduce Kev to 21st-century bands, I am picking the Arctic Monkeys' debut album. You can hear the band try to be the British version of the Strokes, but Alex Turner's lyrics turn the entire album into a wild night out of sorts. This album captures a band hungry to make it and somewhat unsure of itself. This entire era of the Arctic Monkeys is the band trying to be cool and fit in with a scene. That influences this album and somehow, makes the album much more relatable. Because who isn't looking for a place to fit in?

Happy listening,



Crack the Sky - Crack the Sky

They could have been huge, but between bad management and the record company screwing up and sending 90% of their debut LPs to Baltimore, they didn’t. I have loved this album since I was a kid and never realized CTS wasn’t known outside Maryland until I was a teenager. They are a prog-phenom with brilliant Beatlesque overtones from the production and solid lyrics from John Pulumbo.

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