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20 Phish Burners for Your 4/20 Celebration: 15-11

by @scottmik104

15.) Bathtub Gin

"We're all in this together, and we love to take a bath!" Great band/audience interaction tune. So many monster jams come out of Gin. You never know what direction the jam is going. Funk, rock, or ambient; roll the dice and strap in. It's going to be a fun ride.

Recommended versions: 8/13/93, 11/7/96, 7/21/97, 8/17/97, and 7/29/98. There is also a plethora of 2.0 versions worth checking out.

Recommended companion: Sativa


14.) Tube

"An asteroid crashed and nothing burned….." Fishman's finest writing ever! This is a funk-filled, middle segment, jam fest. Where most songs get into a jam towards the end, this one is supplanted in the middle of the song. Get ready to boogie!

Recommended versions: 12/7/97, 12/29/97, 4/2/98, 7/21/98, and 9/15/00. There's a couple of decent 3.0 versions too.

Recommended companion: Hybrid mix.


13.) Scents and Subtle Sounds

"The winds would lift you up into the sky". 2.0 coming through yet again with another masterpiece. Should be labeled as "Scents w/" when played with the intro. Full versions are where it's at!

Recommended versions: 7/23/03, 7/30/03, 8/12/15, 8/4/17, and 12/6/19.

Recommended companion: Indica


12.) The Lizards

Ahh, Gamehendge. The land of Lizards. Such an adventurous story with a room romping chorus and a soul-melting outro guitar solo.

Recommended versions: 12/28/93, 5/27/94, 12/31/95, 8/17/96, and 12/8/99

Recommended companion: Indica.


11.) Pebbles and Marbles

"Like things on my mind" Compositionally brilliant song from 2.0 combined with exceptional lyrics make this one an absolute must hear! The lyrics make you paint a picture in your mind, and then the jam takes you away!

Recommended versions: 1/3/03, 2/20/03, 2/25/03, 7/17/03, and 4/17/04.

Recommended companion: Indica.

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