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5 Tweezers to Motivate You for 2024

We all make New Year resolutions, but most of us fail miserably by the end of January. We here at wook+ want to do our part and help you achieve your wook dreams and hopes for the coming year. So, we compiled five Tweezers for you to blast this January when you need motivation. Whether it's keeping on your learning to home roast your own coffee beans to finally finishing that couch to 5k program you've attempted every year since 2015, we got you.


07-31-13 - Stateline, NV

There's pretty much nothing the Tahoe Tweezer can't hype you up for. It's ideal for those first dreadful weeks of a couch to 5k where you just want to quit, but you're also mad at yourself for getting this out of shape to begin with. Coming in at a little over 36 minutes means you could run your entire 5K at a pace of 11:40 per mile and finish your run when the band finishes jamming.


11-22-92 - Ithaca, NY

This is an all-time Tweezer. I won't waste much time on it as we covered it pretty well in the wook club below.


02-28-03 - Uniondale, NY

2.0 Phans are Phans, too, and deserve a Tweezer to pump them up and prepare them for their 40s. As the wrinkles and grays set in, take solace in the nostalgia this 20-year-old Tweezer brings. Like 2.0, your late 30s are brief, so just put this jam on and rage while you're still young.


12-30-19 - New York, NY

This Tweezer is for when your goal seems insurmountable. Remember, even if you don't achieve your goal, magical things happen along the way. This Tweezer from the 2019 New Year's MSG run wouldn't have happened if the band hadn't attempted the pan flute bit. Although the overall pan flute bit never quite landed, we do have this wonderful rendition. So keep putting in the work, something good will come of it.


06-14-95 - Mephis, TN

The longest Tweezer to date, the Mud Island Tweezer is perfect for motivating you in any situation but works best as your focus-on-yourself-time song. Coming in at 49 minutes and 49 seconds, this Tweezer is practically a therapy session. If you set aside time for a Mud Island Tweezer listen every week next year, you quickly develop a habit of what you want to do while listening. The point is that this is the ultimate Tweezer for motivation and encouragement for 2024.

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I am adding 4/17/2023 Tweezer > Simple as a honor mention 😎

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