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5 Versions of Ass Handed to Prepare You for Work

Let's face it: we all left too many things to circle back to for 2024, and now we have to face music. Neglected work emails, along with obligations to friends, tend to clog up your bandwidth. Yet somehow, you are supposed to make time for your resolutions. We here at the wookblog feel your pain and have gathered five versions of Ass Handed to prepare you for the onslaught on catching up on Jan. 2nd.

07-15-2016 - George, WA

You never forgot the first time you got your ass handed to you. Nowadays, though, you're lucky if you can make it through a cup of coffee before getting handed your own ass. There's something special about the first time you get handed your own ass. In your youthful ignorance, you foolishly believe that you'll get even or some sort of cosmic justice is going to happen. Looking back now, it's cute and brings a smile to your face kinda like this short and sweet debut from the Gorge.

12-28-19 - New York, NY

Sometimes it is the confusion after you get your ass handed that is the difficult part of the process. Was this still Ass Handed, or is it Chalk Dust Torture Reprise? Such confusion lies in not only the lore of Phistory but also in our daily lives. At least once a day, something will happen, and you'll just be left confused for a moment. This Ass Handed is for that occasion.

06-25-19 - Bangor, ME

This straightforward Ass Handed is about the best you can hope for when getting handed your own ass. Getting right down to business and then moving on. When you know you messed up, this is how you want your ass handed to you.


12-30-17 - New York, NY

The official YouTube clip of Ass Handed from YEMSG run '17 can only signal one thing: a corporate-approved Ass Handed. When you've been handed your ass from corporate, you know it's serious. I hope none of y'all need this corporate version for 2024.

10-24-16 - Grand Prairie, TX

With 2024 being a presidential election year, we're probably gonna get face-fucked before getting handed our collective asses. Remember, we survived 2016 and 2020; we can handle 2024. Just blast this version of Fuck Your Face>Ass Handed>Saw it Again, and you'll be pumped to do the most important thing you can next year; VOTE.

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