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5 Evil Phish Jams to Brace You for 2024

Election years bring on bombardments of craziness. People get so passionate about one topic they become lost in the reality of everything. Everything seems amplified in our internet echo chambers, so nothing seems small. Really, all we can do is brace ourselves, breathe, and log off.

2024 might be a great year to do without social media.

Until then, here are five evil Phish jams to soundtrack your doom-scrolling.


Carini - 12/30/12

New York City, NY

"Carini" is the classic example of evil Phish. You could probably just make a playlist of every "Carini" ever played, all 136 of them, to help get you through the year. The only question really is, do you listen to them sequentially or on shuffle? While listening to them in order seems logical, remember this is an American election year. Nothing is logical. Maybe having random "Carinis" playing at all times will best prepare you for 2024.


You Enjoy Myself - 12/31/95

New York City, NY

Sometimes, dark moments give way to classic moments that we appreciate long after. That's what this "YEM" is: a hauntingly dark jam that is universally loved by Phans. It's important to remember that while this year might be tough if we can all try to remember that it's tough for everyone, maybe, just maybe, something great can come in 2024.


46 Days - 08/03/03

Limestone, ME

This "46 Days" jam goes dark quickly. It's a sonic adventure with thrills, chills, and nightmare fuel, not unlike living in a caucus state where the election cycle seems to run especially long. Unlike a caucus, though, this jam is worth your time and will actually have an immediate effect on your life.


Piper - 06/10/00

Tokyo, Japan

Top-tier evil Phish lurks within this "Piper." At first, this "Piper" starts normally, but soon the jam goes dark and bleak, leaving the listener uneasy. What better way to feel while mindlessly scrolling through the digital remains of what used to be Twitter?


David Bowie - 11/26/94

Minneapolis, MN

We couldn't compile a list of evil Phish jams without a classic Bowie example of evil Phish. This version from Minneapolis is great, but we feel often overlooked. The Midwest has its moments, too. However, in 2024, the Midwest moment might be as dark and evil as this jam, but it will never be as heady.

Just remember, if Phish can make it through 2.0 and come back stronger, then you can make it through this upcoming year. When times are hectic or overwhelming, LOG OFF! Put on some headphones and let the music do its job.

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