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Long Gone

Phish has always been known for choice covers, some have been with the band since their earliest days, some were only played once. Today I’m looking at covers that disappeared after 1.0.  

The criteria are they were played 5 times or more in 1.0 but have not seen the light of day since. 

I also left off Fishman and Acapella covers.

Back At The Chicken Shack

8 Times from 1998-10-30 to 2000-09-24

This infectious organ romp from Jimmy Smith gave Page a chance to shine for the 2 years it was played.

Back Porch Boogie Blues

9 times from 1985-09-27 to 1987-10-31

Mike infamously tricked the band into playing this Max Creek instrumental by claiming it was his own tune. When the band found out Trey said No and the song was retired unceremoniously.


9 Times from 1993-05-08 to 1998-11-28

This Robert Johnson penned tune was made famous by Cream in the late 60s. Phish’s version owes a debt to Cream’s cover and was played 9 times between May 1993 and November 1998

I Walk the Line

10 times from 1992-11-19 to 1993-03-09

Mike Gordon conjures the Man In Black, Johnny Cash, on this quick run through his classic ode to love.

Foreplay/Long Time

17 times from 1994-10-07 to 1999-07-12

Played full band electric once, this Boston classic was usually performed as a bluegrass tune. 

Johnny B. Goode

23 times from 1995-06-17 to 1998-07-08

Chuck Berry’s most famous song. It has been covered by 100s of bands and entered Phish’s repertoire in the Summer of 95 at Nissan Pavilion sandwiched in Tweezer. 

Whipping Post 

49 times from 1984-11-03 to 1999-07-25

Phish played quite a few Grateful Dead and Allman Brothers tunes before Jeff Holdsworth left the band in 1985. This is one few tunes that continued to be played through 1.0, giving the band a chance to do some blues-based jamming.

Donna Lee

25 times from 1988-10-29 to 1993-07-25

In the late 80s and early 90s, Phish played quite a few Jazz Standards including this Miles Davis penned be-bop classic. As the band made the move to theaters these songs disappeared from their setlists with a few rare occasions.

The Duke Ellington Trio: Satin Doll -- 18 times from 1988-06-20 to 1993-05-08

Caravan -- 43 times 1990-01-20 to 1996-12-29 A Train -- 118 times 1987-04-29 to 1994-04-13

Phish loves to learn and take covers as a chance to expand their musical horizons. A song like Page McConnell’s Magilla can be traced directly back to the band's deep dive into Duke Ellington's catalog. In addition to the 3 songs above, Phish has also done 2 one-off Ellington covers Black and Tan Fantasy (1990-09-28) and In a Mellow Tone (08/12/89).

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