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Baker's Dozen Ranked

With the 4th anniversary of the Baker's Dozen, we decided to sort the run by our favorites to relisten to. Scott (@scottmik104), Kev (@radiator9987), and Llama (@ghost_llama) all ranked the shows from 1-13 then we averaged each ranking to come up with our list.


Coconut Night


Perhaps this show gets unfairly remembered because it was the first show. This might not be the jammiest of shows but it is fun. The opening run of Coconuts>Martian Monster>TImber (Jerry) is just pure fun. It's just odd to see a show with a Tweezer be at the bottom. Sometimes I think the fun shows get overlooked in favor of shows with more musical complexity. - Llama

Reba. Moonage Daydream. Walls of the Cave.

This triple whammy is one of the best segments of the entire run. Unfortunately, the rest of this show doesn't hold up as well. - Scott


Boston Cream


Sunshine of Your Feeling is cool. Plasma and Ghost are very well played. Not much else to talk about. - Scott

Sunshine of Your Feeling is a fun tune. Even if the story about this mashup joke song being the reason for the entire run is fake, I like to believe that it is real.




STEEP!!!!! Golden Age is pretty good. Greatest Steep ever! - Scott

The 2nd set ranks among the strongest sets of the run, with the Steep> 46 Days> Piper> Possum run. - Kev




An excellent second set was highlighted by What's The Use, Scents, and Fluffhead. - Scott

They hit another great run this night with Scents> Caspian> Fluffhead. - Kev


Doughnut Holes


Big Mike's Groove featuring the elusive second jam popping up in Mike's - Scott

One of the best 1st frames of the run with lots of fan favorites, with Meat in particular shining. - Kev




The Birds is incredible! Massive CK5 lighting explosion at the end of I Am The Walrus. The ending segment of Meatstick segueing into Dirt is gorgeous. Type II Hood. - Scott

The Harry Hood in this show is what keeps me coming back to this show. I can complain about Cinnamon Girl being too easy of a cover choice but I can't think of any other cinnamon song for them to cover and this cover was enjoyable.


Red Velvet


Killer version of It's Ice and a nice rip-through Twist. - Scott

Another great 2nd set run of Wolfman's> Twist> Waves

5 songs from this night made it on the Baker's Dozen Box Set. It might not be our favorite but it is a stellar show that features some great jammed-out versions of newer 3.0 songs. - Llama


Double Chocolate


My favorite set of the run. Have Mercy->Chalkdust Torture->You Sexy Thing->Mercury is my happy place. - Scott.

Love the odd placement of Oh Kee Pa. - Kev

2007 me jumped for joy when they opened with Chocolate Rain. With the tone set to absolute fun this show cooks and ends too soon. By the time you take a break from dancing Sand is wrapping up and set 1 has ended. They continue with one of the best sets of the run for set 2. This might be the best show to dance to. - Llama




Most Events Aren't Planned, Izabella, and a slick five-song second set highlight the final night of the run. The encore incredibly encapsulates the magic of it all. - Scott

I am not a big fan of Simple but this one is probably the best simple of 3.0. - Llama




Proper Coil to end the first set. Another fantastic second set highlighted by a Down With Disease sandwich. - Scott

I really enjoyed this night. Strawberry Letter 23 is my favorite donut theme cover of the run. The Down with Disease is an all-time 3.0 classic. This night the band really found their groove for the run. - Llama




Opening with a surprise a debut cover of White Winter Hymnal this show takes the audience through an interesting first set highlighted by Pebbles and Marbles. The 2nd set starts our dark and keeps the energy going through the set. - Llama

A very good, stretched-out Tube. Carini gets DARK. A fun jam comes out of 1999. - Scott

Fantastic 2nd set where the magic is prolonged from start to finish while covering many moods. With Steam> No Quarter providing a brilliant, albeit dark soundscape. - Kev




The Curtain With was the perfect opening call. The last Forbin->Mockingbird that has been played. I cannot listen back to this Hapua ever again. - Scott

This show catches Phish at one of their sillier moments during the Harpua. The show has other gems too; David Bowie, Drowned, and A Song I Heard the Ocean Sing are all great relistens. - Llama




When I saw the donut flavor I thought, maybe everything gets jam treatment? When Sample In Jar got there I immediately knew we were in for a ride. Lawnman obviously but, the 2nd set Crosseyed and Painless is a heater! - Scott

This is the night most phans were looking forward too and it did not disappoint. This is a show where nobody talks about the Bathtub Gin or Fuego because everything in this show is great. - Llama

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