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Six Halloween Covers Phish Should Do - Kev's Picks

Rush - Moving Pictures

A great chance to stretch their Prog Rock bona fides with some of the most iconic songs of the 80s. Page could take all the vocals on this one, but Trey would probably steal Tom Sawyer.


Steely Dan - Royal Scam

Why Phish hasn’t already done a Steely Dan album is beyond me. Aja seems to be the choice among lots of people, The Royal Scam was The Dan’s last great work, walking the fine line between rock and the jazz fusion that they’d pursue going forward. Bring on The Giant Country Horns and let Fishman sing The Fez.


Clash - London Calling

Much like The White Album, this would be an opportunity for the band to show off their mastery of most styles of music. Besides, Phish needs to get a little angry and this would fit the bill


Crack the Sky - Crack the Sky

Unknown outside of Baltimore, West Virginia’s Crack The Sky produced some of the most challenging American Prog of the 70s and 80s. Their debut, even with the opening tracks questionable lyrics if tailor-made for post cow funk Phish. She’s A Dancer, Ice, and Sleep are all potential permanent Phish covers.


Television - Marquee Moon

If you know it, you know why it’s included here. Transcribe Tom Verlaine’s guitar to keys and the title track could become the next Golden Age


Robert Fripp - Exposure

In 1979, after spending the previous few years producing some of rock's biggest stars, Fripp decided to release an album examining Pop Music. What resulted is one of Fripp's most interesting outings and one that would easily fit in with the Phish aesthetic. North Star would be a perfect Page vehicle and Here Comes the Flood is tailor-made for Trey

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