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20 Phish Burners for Your 4/20 Celebration: 5-1

by @scottmik104

5.) Fluffhead

Got some powerful pills? The banker does. Open your mind to a world of adventure and composition. A multi-segmented, gorgeous piece of music that oozes creativity and originality. By the time you make it to Arrival, be ready to bliss the fuck out!

Recommended versions: 11/9/91, 3/13/92, 5/26/94, 8/17/96, and 7/24/99.

Recommended companion: Hybrid


4.) Run Like An Antelope

"Set the gearshift for the high gear of your soul!!!!" A euphoric ride into mass hysteria is one of the best things about this band. Playful band interactions, chorus chanting, and Trey shredding. "Been you to have any spike?….man"

Recommended listening: 8/14/93, 8/28/93, 5/26/94, 6/24/94, and 4/3/98.

Recommended companion: Sativa


3.) You Enjoy Myself

"Boy! Man! God! Shiiiiit! The opening segment of the tune is so brilliantly constructed, it's amazing how many 20+ minute versions there are. Phish's most played live song in their catalog never disappoints. Complete with choreographed trampoline jumping between Mike and Trey this shit explodes with a funk jam and then, typically, a vocal jam outro.

Recommended listening: 8/28/93, 11/18/95, 12/9/95, 11/29/98, and 2/26/03.

Recommended companion: Indica


2.) Ghost

Bomp. Bomp bomp bomp. Won't you take me to, funky world! Mike shines so brightly in this funk-filled romper. Although Fish is always holding down the groove, his in-the-pocket playing takes this song to other dimensions allowing Trey and Page to do whatever the fuck they want. Get ready to boogie!

Recommended versions: 7/23/97, 11/17/97, 7/6/98, 9/12/99, and 5/22/00.

Recommended companion: Indica


1.) Tweezer

The epitome of why we all go see so many shows. Perhaps the most unpredictable jam in the entire repertoire. You never know which direction this song will soar off into. Funky, peak-filled, soaring solos will send you off into the night with your soul refreshed. Watch out for uncle Ebenezer.

Recommended versions: 12/6/97, 7/31/13, 8/22/15, 12/29/18, 12/30/19

Recommended companion: Indica

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