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20 Phish Burners for Your 4/20 Celebration: 20-16

by @scotmik104

20.) McGrupp and The Watchful Hosemasters

The Fleet Hound called McGrupp. Blaze away and float on a melodic adventure into Gamehendge. A signature storytelling exploration is a perfect way to start this off.

Recommended versions: 8/7/93, 6/25/97. 11/26/97, 12/30/97, and 4/5/98.

Recommended companion: Sativa for sure.


19.) Chalkdust Torture

Rip right into this rocker of a tune; a hype song for sure. "Can I live while I'm young?!?!?" might be the quintessential line in describing the emotion that Phish brings us. Trey is an assassin on a regular basis. If you need to get the party going, look no further than here.

Recommended versions: 7/30/97, 11/27/98, 7/10/99, 8/2/03, and 7/28/97

Recommended companion: Hybrid mix.


18.) The Mango Song

From the opening lick, it catches your ear. This song screams lunacy and fun all in one fun-filled adventurous tale. "Your hands and feet are mangos, you're gonna be a genius anyway!!!" What an uplifting one-liner for someone struggling to keep it together in life.

Recommended versions: 8/16/98, 7/24/99, 6/30/99, 9/17/00, and 9/27/00.

Recommended companion: Sativa floater.


17.) Walls Of The Cave

Some of Fishman's finest work on the blocks. A multi-part rocker that can soar in all different directions. Trey usually takes control of the second half but, the entire song is a Fish-driven runaway freight train!

Recommended versions: 12/31/02, 2/22/03, 2/25/03, 6/19/04, and 8/9/04.

Recommended companion: Hybrid mix!


16.) Discern

"A tidal wave of sound." Definitely a much-missed 2.0 Trey composition. Such an adventurous melody. Played only 4 times and shelved forever since. If you've never heard it, you need to. Classic Phish composition that oddly disappeared for reasons unknown.

Recommended versions: All of 'em. 7/8/03, 7/18/03, 7/27/03, and 8/2/03.

Recommended companion: Sativa

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