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25 Things for 25 Years

by Phammertime

11/19/96 is a day that I will never forget. There are very few of these kinds of days in life. The kind when you know everything from that second on will be different. A tipping point of no return, and that's what my first Phish show was for me.

Looking back now at 25 years and writing this piece, it would be very easy to get so sentimental that the tear-soaked keyboard would eventually glitch out. So instead, I am having some fun, (and getting a little sentimental), by listing, in no particular order, 25 things that have stuck with me on this silver anniversary.

25. Shakedown - A magical place where champagne wishes and caviar dreams are made.

24. Tapes and Bootlegs - Blanks and Postage, SHN, FLAC, MP3, ETC…

23. T-Shirts - So many T-shirts, the rougher and older the better. Wear them every day.

22. Tattoo - Yes, I have only one tattoo, it is Phish-related. Sorry kids, maybe my next body.

21. Slapz - I have a Slapz Hall of Fame (case closed)


20. Travel - I have been to every corner of the United see Phish.

19. Family - Daughter named Piper. Son was born purposely on hiatus. My wife is a lifelong head.

18. Jon - Wears a dress. Plays a vacuum. Twerks and Tucks. World-class drummer.

17. Wook Plus - my brothers forever. Wook Till I DIe. Wookie till they bury me.

16. Page - Sandwiches and a snappy dresser. First show - Squirming Coil walk-off FTW.


15. PHRE - Phans For Racial Equity. Making a difference. Lots of work to do.

14. Jams - Always chasing the next big one and hoping to never stop.

13. Mike - Cactus, Bass bombs, “No.”

12. Posters - Another way to take that night home with you and have it forever.

11. Twitter - No way I can name you all, but I love every single one of you. All of you.


10. Trey - Ernest Joseph Anastasio III. Rock God. Would follow anywhere.

9. The Lawn - Moist, green, and organic. Where my people are.

8. Festivals - Parts of me are still in Big Cypress, parts in Coventry. You know which parts.

7. Golden Age - The best song in the world. TV On The Radio RULES.

6. 2.0 - I was born under a wandering star, and that star was named...2.0. THE era.


5. Dicks - I just love Dicks. That's all I have to say. Seems self-explanatory.

4. Community - Home. It's not where I live, but it's where I feel most at peace, with you.

3. Dancing - The only exercise I get.

2. Tickets - ISO All of them.

1. Friends - This one belongs to number 1. 4.0 sealed it. This is about being with all of you.

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