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30 Days of Phish pt. 1

While listening to the compilation album 30 Days of the Dead, I wondered what a 30 days of Phish compilation would look like. Every day this week I am going to release five tracks from this hypothetical compilation album.

Vampire Weekend - You Enjoy Myself

I mainly want to hear the Vampire Weekend vocal jam part of Y.E.M. That said, I would totally want to hear how the band interprets each different section of the song.

The National - Carini

I feel the National is the most successful of all the early aughts rock bands. I feel like Carani has the best arena rock riff in Phish's catalogue. As a newly emerged arena act, the National taking this song just feels right.

Kurt Vile - Tube

The guitar work of Kurt would give Tube a very hazy feel to it. Vile's interpretation will at the very least be interesting.

The Killers - Twist

People who like to wooo like the Killers too. The science behind this is sound.

Kings of Leon - Down with Disease

Kings of Leon, when they want, can really rock out a song. Let's hope they decide to rock out on this cover.

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