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30 Days of Phish pt. 3

While listening to the compilation album Day of the Dead, I wondered what a day of Phish compilation would look like. Every day this week I am going to release five tracks from this hypothetical compilation album.

Sturgill Simpson - Blaze On

Blaze On is a song anyone can have a lot of fun with. After seeing Sturgill as a power trio in 2018 I want to hear him have fun on this cover. As an added bonus his keyboard player will be able to join this time too.

My Morning Jacket - Ghost

I picture Waterfall Era MMJ when I think about this cover. A slightly mystical song for Jim James to run with, as the kids say "shut up and take my money." I would nominate this to be released as a single to build hype for the record.

Dave Matthews Band - Alumni Blues

We all want to hear Letter to Jimmy Page with Alumni Blues. Dave's choice to only do the latter will forever overshadow how good this cover might be.

Wilco - The Line

When I think of Dad rock, two things pop into my head this song and the band Wilco. Both are fine at times. Combining the two however creates the most epic of Dad rock songs. Coming to a hardware store near you.

Queens of the Stone Age - About to Run

Yes technically this is not a Phish song. I can't stop thinking about how haunted Josh Homme would make this song sound. By the end of second verse even the listener will be ready to out run the demons haunting the background of this song.

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