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30 Days of Phish pt. 4

While listening to the compilation album Day of the Dead, I wondered what a day of Phish compilation would look like. Every day this week I am going to release five tracks from this hypothetical compilation album.

Father John Misty - Icculus

All I think of when I hear FJM anymore is the time he took the stage at an XPN festival and ranted for like 30 minutes and played on meandering 10-minute "song." With that thought, FJM is perfect for telling us lowly humans to "read the fucking book."

The Claypool Lennon Delirium - Yarmouth Road

A weird Les Claypool can take this silly tune and turn it creepy. Specifically, I cannot wait to hear what they do with the "Wah wah" parts.

The War on Drugs - Mike's Song>I am Hydrogen>Weekapaug Groove

I really want to hear a heartland rock version of Mike's Groove. Enter the War on Drugs, the best heartland rock band today. I would make this the single that everyone uses for promoting the album.

Sky Valley Mistress - Martian Monster

This band is very new, dropping their debut in 2020 but Sky Valley Mistress can shred. Even though this is technically a cover of a cover, the instrumental jam is pure Phish. I want to hear those pure Phish sounds get dirty.

The Strokes - AC/DC Bag

This gamble either pays out or sinks the entire album. The Strokes doing AC/DC Bag should really be just a straight forward garage rocker. I think Julian would do something to make this jam extra hipster. As a result, many fans will hate it but somehow this cover gets into the hands of a bunch of hipsters and they become fans. I for one will be excited to see deconstructed lot food and ironic zip-off pants on the lot.

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