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A Fast Five About Nothing

If Seinfeld had Phish themed episodes, I imagine they would look a lot like this.

Elaine is editing a book by Trey and tries to use the opportunity to find out the lyrics in Y.E.M. Jerry does a standup set about English phrases that must sound ridiculous to non-native speakers. Newman and Kramar investigate a taper who only records one side of the tape.


Jerry has to figure out how to dump his girlfriend after she woos at a show. Comedy set about how the little things drive you crazy. Eliane finds the perfect pants for a NYE show. George and Kramer accidentally find the tickets for the summer run.


The gang makes a lot food vendor angry. They say he uses the wrong type of cheese in his grilled cheese and cuts his sandwiches in rectangles not triangles. Kramer gains a wook following and they take over Jerry's apartment.


Somehow Kramer tapes over a hard to find show. Jerry and George go on a hunt to find the taper. Elaine is obsessed with section 119 chicken.


George discovers that one of Jerry’s old baseball cards has a young Jon Fishman in the background. He and Kramer try to sell it to make up for using all of Elaine's stash. Jerry insists the guy in the photo isn’t Fishman and winds up seeing him at lunch.

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