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A Half Dozen Questions About the Baker's Dozen

We spent a lot of time listening, thinking, and talking about the Baker's Dozen here on the blog.


What was your favorite set?

Scott: 07/28/17 set 2 - It was a banger 6 song 2nd set. The Have Mercy opener was gorgeous. The Chalkdust Torture is a top 3 version ever played. You Sexy Thing is sick! Mercury is the greatest 3.0 song. Backwards Down The Numberline -> Rock and Roll was a great end cap.

Kevin: 07/26/17 Set 2 - They cover it all over the six songs in this set, an evil Carini into Mr Completely. The funk all up in the house next with 1999 before doing one of the most ingenious pairings of the whole run with Steam>No Quarter, they are cut from the same cloth and almost create a narrative of their own.

Llama: 07/25/17 Set 2 - I enjoy a good Fuego and this is a top 5 version. That guitar riff in Thread is great. The real gem of the set is the Crosseyed and Painless. The debut of End of Session was just the icing on the cake.


Who was your MVP for the run?

Scott: Page 100%.

Kev: Always Fishman, he leads all the transitions and was on point at every turn.

Llama: Trey, he played the guitar parts I really enjoyed.


How did BD affect the band afterward?

Scott: This was one of the most legendary runs in music history and set the band up nicely for the NYE run and the following year.

Kev: I think it made them realize 2 things. How big their catalog is and they should dive in more and, two, how fun doing the goofy covers and such can be.

Llama: I think it gave them a larger younger audience and reminded them of how much they loved to play together.


How does the band top Baker's Dozen?

Scott: The Baker's Dozen will never be topped, ever, by any band including Phish.

Kev: A 17 show summer run with no repeats.

Llama: They play at their Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction.


More impressive BD or Cypress

Scott: Baker's Dozen

Kev: Cypress, sure they played 13 shows, but never more than an hour and a half on stage at any given time. Cypress, Phish answered the question, "can the band outlast you?"

Llama: Baker's Dozen, that's a lot of songs to play and without the energy of youth.


Anything the Band Didn't Do That You Wish They Did?

Scott: They could've played Time Turns Elastic, Discern, Spices, or Energy….to name a few.

Kev: Jammin (Bob Marley) on Jam Filled. Powdered should have had Snowblind by Black Sabbath. Stone Temple Pilots Cinnamon on Cinnamon.

Llama: Maybe if they played Contact, that would have been cool. Truly, we can't think of any fan that had an issue with the Baker's Dozen. It was a perfect run.

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