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Christmas Songs Phish Should Cover - Kev's Picks

by @radiator9987

I struggled with this one. I like versions of certain Christmas songs, not necessarily any version of the song. So, I approached this, if Phish would go the route of 2001 and recreate the cover of a song I could come up with 5 no problem. I will be bringing in guests, but it is the holiday, so let’s get merry.

We Three Kings (arr. Pink Martini) (Page)

It almost sounds like Trey’s guitar on this, so it wouldn’t be that far a jump to recreate this beautiful interpretation of this sacred classic.


Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy

In the same way, Deodato took Strauss’ Also Sprach Zarathustra and made it into a funk throw down, Phish could get funky with this Nutcracker classic.


Fairytale Of New York with Fishman and Jennifer Hartswick dueting

We want Fishman to get in on the fun, so why not Have Jennifer Hartswick drop by and give this post-punk take of Christmas debauchery a spin.


The Merriest (Mike)

Jazz vocalist June Christy’s wish for us all to ‘swing for the season’ would be the perfect chance for Mike to get down with the gentiles and make us all The Merriest.


It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Andy Williams's signature song is just calling out for Trey to give it that Dad Rock hipness, but only if he rocks this remix version.

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