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Christmas Songs Phish Should Cover - Llama's Picks

Five festive songs, four guys from Vermont, three holiday standards, two Christmas animals, and a list of covers to you from me.

Dominick the Donkey

This song is so ridiculous that I am surprised Phish hasn't covered this before. I can totally see Fishman singing this with the rest of the band trying not to laugh.


Listen the Snow is Falling

Hear me out before you dismiss this Yoko Ono song. Listen to the Galaxie 500 version of this song. It is ripe for some ambient jams to create a tranquil listening experience.


Christmas Eve/Sarajevo 12/24

While Mannheim Steamroller may be the obvious instrumental choice, let's go with something heavy. I think we need some evil Phish Christmas. As an added bonus everyone can recreate that scene from the Office.


Christmas Unicorn

Already a weird holiday song complete with a Joy Division interlude, this song is perfect for the band to cover. Page will really get a chance to shine here with all the EDM and synth parts.


Cool Yule

This little jingle originally from Louis Armstrong is just Christmasy enough without being overdone. Obviously the right move here would be to camp it up a little and mimic the Bette Middler version instead of trying to recreate the Louis Armstrong one.

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