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Days of Phish pt. 2

While listening to the compilation album Day of the Dead, I wondered what a day of Phish compilation would look like. Every day this week I am going to release five tracks from this hypothetical compilation album.

Sufjan Stevens - Petrichtor

One thing Sufjan is very good at, is taking lush complex pieces of music and making them interesting. Here I am hoping he gives Petrichtor the electronic symphony treatment.

Goose - Fuego

I will concede that this cover will be decisive. It will really come down to how serious a listener takes Phish. Goose is a fun band and Fuego is a fun song. Only uptight people would take issue with Goose covering this Phish song.

JRAD - Tweezer

This will be the hardest sell in the series. Can you have a Phish covers compilation without Tweezer though? Every time I think about a band covering Tweezer, I always come back to JRAD. The way the honor the Dead with their playing is perfect to please a notoriously picking Phish fanbase.

Umphrey's McGee - Sand

Umphrey's McGee deserves a spot on this fake album, so with that in mind they can cover Sand. This is the cover I am most unsure of but I can't kick a prog rock version of Sand out of my head though.

Billy Strings - Poor Heart

Having Billy cover this song feels like a disservice to his skills. Phish don't have very many bluegrass originals. We hope Mr. Strings can add a little something to this and make it special.

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