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Fast Five: Songs Phish Should Cover Ghost Llama Edition

Beastie Boys - Intergalactic

Phish has already covered Sabotage, so this isn't too much of a stretch. This is the kind of cover to slip into a Say it to Me S.A.N.T.O.S. jam.

Sufjan Stevens - Impossible Soul

At 25 minutes this song has six different parts all waiting to be explored. Phish could play only part V and easily jam it out to 25 minutes alone. This would be an epic cover.

King Tuff - Eyes of the Muse

This opening riff sounds so familiar and seems like something Trey can run with. If any song I choose gets a regular spot in Phish's rotation, I hope it is this one.

Vengaboys - We like to Party! (The Vengabus)

This is obviously a Fishman tune. The rest of the band just jams while he sings. All I know is this will be a great dance party.

Goose - Yeti

Maybe if Phish covers them people will stop complaining. If there ever was a Goose song for Phish to cover it would be Yeti.

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