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Fast Five: Songs Phish Should Cover Kev Edition

Off Hitchcock's breakthrough LP Globe Of Frogs, this is so suited for Mike. It would be a great little throwback to Alpine 2019 and has some space for Page to get Ginned up on the piano solo outro. “Floating in a moist exotic pool

Feeling so good-natured I could drool”

Perhaps Iron Butterfly’s only shining moment, this is a must for fans of Evil Phish. Just imagine Trey scraping the guitar strings as Page wails on the organ.

Page teased this one during Dick’s Tweezer in 2011. Not only would this be a great place for Page to shine on vocals, but the deep groove is also a chance to bring back that 97 vibe.

So much potential here for an extended jam and a chance for Mike to the lead. Besides, wouldn’t it be funny for ‘The Phish from Vermont” to play ‘The Fish from Yes’?

I can hear Trey crooning this ode to a transsexual before the band breaks into one of the funkiest breaks any rock band ever laid down.

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