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Fast Five: Songs Phish Should Cover Kev Edition

Robyn Hitchcock - Tropical Flesh Mandala

Off Hitchcock's breakthrough LP Globe Of Frogs, this is so suited for Mike. It would be a great little throwback to Alpine 2019 and has some space for Page to get Ginned up on the piano solo outro. “Floating in a moist exotic pool

Feeling so good-natured I could drool”

Iron Butterfly Theme - Iron Butterfly

Perhaps Iron Butterfly’s only shining moment, this is a must for fans of Evil Phish. Just imagine Trey scraping the guitar strings as Page wails on the organ.

Green-Eyed Lady - Sugarloaf

Page teased this one during Dick’s Tweezer in 2011. Not only would this be a great place for Page to shine on vocals, but the deep groove is also a chance to bring back that 97 vibe.

Yes - The Fish (Schindleria Praematurus)

So much potential here for an extended jam and a chance for Mike to the lead. Besides, wouldn’t it be funny for ‘The Phish from Vermont” to play ‘The Fish from Yes’?

Crack The Sky - She's A Dancer

I can hear Trey crooning this ode to a transsexual before the band breaks into one of the funkiest breaks any rock band ever laid down.

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