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Fast Five Star Trek

Imagine Star Trek rescored with Phish songs for each of the 5 TV series captains.

Jonathan Archer - Enterprise

Bathtub Gin

Archer is a democratic leader, always looking to let everybody have a say. He is amiable and affable and always ready to share a drink with the crew.


James T. Kirk - The Original Series

Punch You In The Eye

Kirk is the archetypical hero/leader, always first into battle and determined to find a solution or fight on, no matter the odds. He is all passion and anger, shaking his fist at the sky vowing a reckoning


Jean-Luc Picard - The Next Generation

Divided Sky

Piccard demands all the notes fall into place no matter the cost. Like Divided Sky he deftly navigates even the most complicated and intricate problems.


Benjamin Sisko - Deep Space Nine

Soul Planet

If you are cool with letting the rules slide and just going with the flow then Deep Space 9 is the Soul Planet for you.


Katheryn Janeway - Voyager


Knowing there is no way home, Janeway still keeps her crew motivated to press on. Even with that voice repeating a phrase, she will never stop trying to get out of this Maze.

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