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Fast Five - Saturday Morning Cartoons

Phish has decided to do a Saturday Morning Cartoon set. What five songs would you pick for the band to cover?

(Let's all pretend they will jam each song out a bit.)

5B - The Theme Song to Doug

With its samples and lack of real lyrics, the Doug Theme song is ripe for jamming. This song could really be a gateway into a heady Mike solo for sure. The vocal jam that could arise from the "Do dat do da doo nananana" has unlimited potential. The absolute best part of using the Doug Theme song is being able to transition into choice 5A.

5A - Killer Tofu

While visually this band is a Beatles parody, sonically they are a Ramones parody. (The lead singer's name is Munroe, which sounds like a spoonerism of Ramone.) None of this take away from the fact that Killer Tofu is a surefire rager. There is not a better fictional Saturday Morning Cartoon band than The Beets. Honestly Phish could just cover a Beets album and it would be awesome.

4 - The Fraggle Rock Theme Song

"Dance your cares away." Is there a better line to describe dancing at a show? There isn't a headier show on the air. This song would be a great set opener. Picture Mike’s heavy bass opening the song, Page singing the opening lyrics, and then Trey and Mike do a synchronized dance. It would be an instant classic.

3 - Ducktales

Is there a dance that doesn't line up with this song? If any dancing clip on twitter is improved 100% by replacing the music with the Ducktales theme, that logic should work for a Phish show too. The carefree energy of this song is perfect for the middle of a second set and is ripe to be jammed out for 20 minutes. As a bonus there are WOOing parts in the song.

2 - The Arthur Theme Song

I know this is off the wall but so is Phish. Once you listen to the song, you can see Phish giving this the same treatment as Ya Mar. This song is a perfect mix of Soul Planet and Ya Mar if you sprinkled in pinches of More. Only half the crowd will like this cover, but that's the fun half so enjoy.

1 - Rugrats Theme Song

This might be as close as we get to Phish covering a Devo song. The Mark Mothersbaugh theme is both catchy and weird. To see where this jam would go 10 minutes in keeps me awake at night sometimes. With its lack of lyrics and weird instrumentation, the Rugrats Theme song feels incomplete on its own. Insert Phish and flesh this out.

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