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Interview with Mountain Brews

While scrolling through bootleg merch accounts on Instagram, I saw a shirt with Mountain Brews in the classic Patagonia design. I was instantly intrigued, I googled Mountain Brews and all I was able to find was their Bandcamp page and the Wikipedia page of Jake Longstreth, which ironically enough has its own bootleg shirt.

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What we do know about Mountain Brews is the band consists of four members: Jake Longstreth on vocals, Aaron "Bobby" Olson - Bass and guitars, Ryan Adlaf on Keys, and John Nixon on Lead Guitar. They have 4 records on their Bandcamp page and

With so little information on the internet, we at wookplus decided to reach out to the band and see if they would answer some questions. Lucky for us, Jake himself responded and was happy to answer our questions, if we called. So we called him up and had a good chat about the band, brews, and playing music as a hobby.

W+: How did you come up with the name mountain brews?

Jake Longstrech: I was up with some friends and we were in the San Gabriel Mountains. There was a Little Wing show happening at a campsite, essentially. It was really cool. They had a generator, there were people playing live music, and we were drinking brews. I don't know somehow it became a thing; Mountain Brews. I don't even remember what we thought was funny about it. The whole idea was sort of launched that night. We should make a band called Mountain Brews that does classic rock material. Original classic rock material.

W+: That leads us into our next question, which you kind of answered already. What came first the band name or song title? It seems to have happened all at once.

JL: Yep. Yeah the idea first to write a song called Mountian Brews and then the band is just also called Mountain Brews. It all just kinda happened at once, exactly.

W+: Aside from the Grateful Dead, what are your other influences?

The Eagles. Bruce Hornsby, Don Henley's solo material, Bob Dylan. The Dead and the Eagles are definitely the top two. Considering they are both icons of 1970s California rock and they have a lot of shared DNA, they are both into country music and considering all of that they are still far apart in terms of vibes. We thought what if we combined their vibes.

W+: Currently they are 4 EPs on your Bandcamp page, are there plans for an LP?

JL: There are. There is a little label called Perpetual Doom that's gonna be releasing a double vinyl that's gonna combine all 4 EPs. That's gonna happen later this year, probably in the fall. All 4 EPs will be available in one double vinyl package called Mountain Brews. I think the next thing we want to do would be a full length, which would be kind of fun, maybe next year.

W+: Speaking of songs that are on your EPs, you have a song on one called "The Worst Margarita of My Life" that had Ezra Keoning and Danielle Hiam on it. How was it working with them?

JL: Cool. Long-time old friends with Ezra and we had been joking around about that as a song idea. So when I had an early version of Worst Margarita, I sent it to him and he had a few pointers. Then when we (Mountain Brews) were recording it I asked him if he wanted to sing on it and he said yeah. He was working with Danielle on something and she sang on it too. Danielle's vocals sound incredible. It's hilarious that she is on it. I love it.

W+: Was that song inspired by actual events? Did you go actually go to a baseball game and have the shittiest margarita of your life?

JL: Yes Dodger stadium. Awful margaritas at Dodger stadium. I hope they've upgraded, this has been a couple of years ago. I'm really throwing the Dodgers under the bus here but like the song say "How could a team treat their fans like this? They make their money, they don't give a shit."

W+: I actually happened to discover Mountian Brews from some bootleg merch on Instagram. That's how I actually found out you were a band. Have you seen any bootleg Mountain Brews merch?

JL: Oh yeah. I have a lot of it. I have people send it to me.

W+: Oh nice, what's your favorite piece?

JL: Probably the original one. Do you know the from the freezer account?

W+: Yes.

JL: He made the first Mountain Brews shirt. Which was just a black shirt with a parody of the Patagonia logo.

W+: Yep that's the first one I saw.

JL: That's fucking classic. I love that one. There are a lot of other good ones. There are other beer label ones. Someone sent me a bunch of Modelo-style ones that look like the Modelo logo but says Mountain Brews. From the Freezer also made a Let it Grow shirt which is also great. I love all the bootleg merch.

W+: What is your preferred brew before a show?

JL: Probably just a Pacifico, I used to be more of a Modelo guy but I've shifted gears to Pacifico these days.

W+: Is that the same for after-shows or do you get something with a little more punch?

JL: Probably post-show, at that point I'm moving on to tequila.

W+: What are the band's plans for this summer?

JL: Just playing some gigs locally. We are playing Choice Fest, as you know. We are playing a buddy's backyard party then Choice Fest and hopefully another gig or two. Then in the fall will do a record release show. We're a local band, you've gotta come to LA to see Mountain Brews.

W+: So you guys don't have plans to go on tour or anything like that?

JL: Oh no, absolutely not. It would be great but it's just not in the cards. We love playing but it's too much for everyone. Mountain Brews is a labor of love it's truly hobby rock. It's trying to combine the Eagles and The Dead, I mean it's very fun but it is not something we are pursuing in a super capital S serious way.

W+: What food pairs best with a Mountain Brew?

JL: Hmm. That is a tough one. I don't know something cooked over a campfire.

We want to thank Jake from Mountain Brews for taking the time to answer our questions. Be sure to check out Mountain Brews at Choice Fest and save up for the double vinyl coming soon.

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