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Jerry Garcia 9 Studio Guest Appearances and A Live 1

By Kevin Hogan

Jerry Garcia, with the Grateful Dead and his side projects, created a catalog that would make any musician jealous. Over 30 years he released numerous studio and live albums, all the while making contributions to other artists' albums. The diversity of these guest appearances is astonishing, so, in honor of what would have been his 78th Birthday, we are taking a look at nine of them and throwing in a bonus live sit in. 1) Surrealistic Pillow by Jefferson Airplane

Released in 1967 this was Garcia’s first credit on another band's album. No one seems to remember what tracks he played on, but he is listed as "musical and spiritual advisor"

2) Oh Mommy by Brewer & Shipley

Released in 1970 on their Tarkio Road album, this is the first of many Garcia pedal steel guest spots he did over the years. John Kahn and Bill Vitt, who would form the core of Jerry Garcia's solo projects, also contribute. 

3) Teach Your Children by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young

On CSN&Y’s landmark Déjà Vu album, Garcia was tapped to add pedal steel to a Graham Nash penned tune Teach Your Children'. Released in 1970, this has become Garcia’s most famous guest performance.

4) "Down in the Willow Garden" by Art Garfunkel 1973 saw Art Garfunkel release his first solo album, Angel Clare. The album's under appreciated gem, a cover of the Charlie Monroe classic Down in the Willow Garden, features Jerry Garcia on guitar.

5) Virgin Beauty by Ornette Coleman

One of Jazz’s towering figures, whose harmolodics influenced the Dead to create songs like Darkstar, brought in Jerry to add guitar on his 1988 album Virgin Beauty. Garcia plays on three tracks; 3 Wishes, Singing in the Shower, and Desert Players.

6) Transverse City by Warren Zevon

Zevon’s October 1989 release saw Jerry Garcia adding guitar for two tracks, the title track Transverse City and They Moved the Moon. Perhaps a thank you for The Dead’s Werewolves Of London cover.

7) A Night on the Town by Bruce Hornsby and the Range

In May 1990 Bruce Hornsby got to have one of his favorite musicians guest on an album.  

Garcia plays guitar on two tracks Barren Ground and Across the River. Bela Fleck also lends a hand on the former.

8) Superstitious Blues by Country Joe McDonald 

This 1990 release from counter culture icon Country Joe had Jerry play on three tracks; 

Clara Barton, Superstitious Blues, and Starship Ride.

9) Beauty Of A Dream by Thomas Dolby

1992’s Astronauts & Heretics from Thomas Dolby had a double punch of Bob Weir and Garcia on Beauty Of A Dream. The album also featured Eddie Van Halen on two cuts.

+1)  A Latino Session Live at Los Angeles's Biltmore Bowl In August 1989 Garcia was asked to join a Showtime production called A Latino Session Live at Los Angeles's Biltmore Bowl. It was actually recorded at the Hollywood Roosevelt and saw Garcia sit in with Ruben Blades for Mueyetel and Carlos Santana for Get Uppa.

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