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Mike's Picks

Mike has always brought the most eclectic covers to Phish, from Gillian Welch to Son Seals he is always willing to push the boundaries. While many of these songs make multiple appearances and have even become staples, sometimes Mike just gives it to you once. Here are 5 of his most interesting choices.

5. 20-20 Vision 12/31/19 MSG

This oft-covered Estes / Allen classic popularized by Gene Autry made its sole appearance at the 2019 NYE extravaganza. In hindsight, it was an obvious choice, while in the moment it was brilliant.

4. The Way It Goes 09/04/11 Dicks

Gillian Welch’s "The Way It Goes" has a timeless quality as it ruminates on life and death, fitting perfectly with Mike’s country bluegrass leanings.

3. Free Man in Paris 06/25/10 Camden

Mike took a stab at the Joni Mitchell classic in 2010, delivering a solid performance and capturing the nuance of Mitchell’s vocals. The bridge also is perfect for Phish making for one of the strongest one-offs Mike has done.

2. I’ll Come Running 05/16/95

Surprisingly as much of an influence Eno has had on Phish they have only once covered something from his solo catalog once. Mike chose "I’ll Come Running" from Eno’s classic Another Green World for this one-off and it is an earnest attempt, but uneven at best.

1. Garden Party 12/31/10

Ricky Nelson’s ode to a rough night headlining MSG was done to brilliant effect at Phish’s 2010 NYE run. The lyric is quirky enough for Mike and the band lays back in the light bouncy groove.

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