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Phish Alabama Preview

Phish opens its summer 2023 tour in Alabama, and a lot of speculation is happening on what will be played and how many debuts there will be. We at wook+ are just as excited as you that tour is finally here. In fact, we are so excited that we will be breaking down every Phish show 15 minutes after encore on our YouTube page.

What we know for sure:

Venue: Orion Amphitheater Huntsville, AL

Capacity: 8,000

Fun Fact: This is Phish's first time playing in Huntsville.

Wook Tip: Empty reusable water bottles (32 oz. and under) to fill (and refill) at the water stations throughout the venue. No single-use plastic bottles are permitted. - per the venue website.

State Weed Policy: Illegal for recreational use, in state medical allowed barely.

What we are completely guessing about:

Our Take:

Huntsville is a very spacey city and we expect Phish to lean into space both nights they play. In fact, we are going to go bold and say Phish will play a space set, and it goes without saying a Bowie cover will probably make an appearance as well. For all the awesome spaceness that's going to happen, there is going to be even more unknown with the debuts of new songs. It's going to be interesting to see how the band performs songs from both Mike's new album and the Page/Try collab.

Fans post-show will say:

The boys are already in mid-tour form. Everyone slept on Huntsville and the band took off into a different orbit. Atlanta will be totally cooking and the new songs are fire. Phish is still climbing to its peak.

Haters post-show will say:

UGHHHH, more new songs when they could have just played Fluffhead instead. It's good, though, that Alabama gets these warm-up shows. Saves the good stuff for back East.

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Salvatore Cabot
Salvatore Cabot
Jul 11, 2023
Rated 4 out of 5 stars.

I can’t wait for the show tonight. I hope we get a nice Lizards.

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