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Ready for Their 4.0 Debuts

The mission is clear, pick 5 songs that haven’t been played in 4.0 and wonder what the fuck Phish?


Kev's Picks:

Guelah Papyrus

Last time played: 12/8/19

At 204 plays pre-pandemic, "Guelah Papyrus" is the most glaring omission from setlists in this new era. We need more synchronized dancing.

Dinner and A Movie

Last time played: 08/04/17

Obviously they missed the chance of the lifetime by not opening 4.0 with "Dinner and A Movie". Hell, it saved us during quarantine


Last time played: 02/23/20

We got a "Horse"-less "Silent In The Morning" in 4.0, just bring back that silver burdened beast.


Last time played: 12/8/19

"Mound", come on, where have you been?

Fast Enough For You

Last time played: 06/30/19

"Fast Enough For You" because it was the first ‘serious’ song they did, and one of their best lyrics in that vein.


Scott's Picks

Ginseng Sullivan

Last time played: 06/21/19

More bluegrass tunes please.


Last time played: 10/27/14

Where did you go?


Last time played: 12/8/19

One of the better Trey band ballads that has suddenly disappeared.


Last time played: 07/14/19

I think it's time for them to tell us to read the fucking book again.


Last time played: 08/02/03

Okay, hasn't been seen since 2.0 but, why? One of the best compositions in their catalog.


Llama's Picks

Rocky Top

Last time played: 12/28/19

4.0 needs more bluegrass covers and this is amongst the best they do.

Jesus Just Left Chicago

Last time played: 12/03/19

The band hasn't played this since Dusty Hill died, will we get one in Bethel this year?

Breath and Burning -

Last time played: 2/23/20

This song seems primed for a good 4.0 jam.

Lengthwise -

Last time played: 7/9/19

Honestly, I just want to hear Fishman somehow fit a snoring sample in this song.

Sing Monica -

Last time played: 7/20/16

Sing Monica never gets enough love. I'm not saying it's a great song but it is a fun song that is vastly underplayed.

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